Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 89

Dear Family,

We had a great activity on Saturday for Pioneer Day. We worked really hard and planned for a long time to get together a really cool activity that would be great for all ages. We made chili, corn bread, honey butter and peach cobbler. I made sure to not make the chili spicy, and yet all the Romanians seemed to think that it was too hot. They finally came to the conclusion that the spiciness was good for your stomach lol! 

We didnt have enough room in the main eating area, so Elder M and myself ate in the kitchen. The sisters were in the main area and everyone asked what the honey butter was. When they told the members, people started to take globs and put them in the chili! LOL I was laughing so hard. One poor sister even put her cobbler in the chili thinking that it supposed to go there...oh my, I laughed a lot. 

After food we had some activities. We made candles, line danced, tug-o-war and stick pull. I was destroyed during the stick pull, and the members weren't too big on the line dancing, but the candle making went really well. After those activities, some of the members left. I was kinda sad, cause we watched 17 Miracles afterwards. It was great for the members to see some of the trials that the pioneers went through. As we were cleaning up, Elder M was asked to explain why we celebrate the pioneers to one of the member's friends and he had an hour conversation with her. She was invited to church, but unfortunately didn't come. Oh well. Our member friend told us that her friend really liked the conversation. Its always a good thing when people don't think youre crazy after you talk with them!

I received my "death" call this last week. I told them that I will be flying to SLC. It is so crazy to think that its almost here. I can hardly believe it. I promised President Ivory that I was going to work my last three months like I did my first three. It will be exciting to see what he has planned for the next three months. I really like President Ivory. He is a very business-like man, but he shows his love through his actions. He has a lot of trust in us, and I feel like that puts us to work harder, knowing that we have that trust. We can do so much more pros activities and that has been a lot of fun. Elder Morby and I go play basketball sometimes. We have been able to help the image of future missionaries (as well as our own) by letting people know that 1) We are not Jehovah's Witnesses. 2) We are normal people and can wear/do normal things.

I love you all so much!

Elder Ormsby

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