Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 87

Dear Family,

I haven't met President and Sora Ivory in person, but I have talked to Pres. Ivory on the phone a few times, and he seems like a very smart man. I was very impressed with his approach to less active finding, its something I have wanted to attempt (successfully) for a large part of my mission. I am excited to hear what he has to say more about the matter, and finding in general, this Friday when we meet him. 

I hope to hear all about Secondborn's trip to EFY! I remember my two trips, and they were both so amazing! Of course Secondborn got a lot of numbers, he is a good looking guy. It also helps that he has texting haha. 

I am so happy that  you were able to attend President and Sora Hill's homecoming talk. They were both so amazing, and I will love them forever. They have helped me through so much, and the things that I learned from both of them will help me into the eternities. I am also glad to hear that he talked about the difficulty of being in this mission. There are so many missionaries who sometimes feel like they are failures for not having any baptisms. The greatest missionary, I feel, that I have ever known was an incredibly hard working, obedient missionary. And yet, even after all that work, he never saw a baptism. Is he a successful missionary? Of course! One of the most powerful questions President Hill ever asked was "How many baptisms did Abinidi get?" 

I can't wait for The Love Magnet's birthday! I expect lots of pictures from that.

Speaking of pictures, I haven't really taken a lot of pictures of myself recently, but I will send you a funny video of me eating a pretzel without using my hands!

I love you all so much. I can't wait to see you again. Don't ever think that pictures or news will make me homesick. The only time I have ever felt homesick was Thanksgiving in the MTC and that was because I wasn't playing in the turkey bowl! I love you.

Love Elder Ormsby

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