Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Week 86

Dear Family, 

I got the acceptance to BYUI and I sent in the questionnaire for the tracks. You don't get to chose which track they put you on, so I am hoping for Winter and Spring. That will give me a good chunk of time to work for some cash. I am going to be completing a lot of little scholarships in hopes that I get a bit more money for school. I had been contemplating not going to BYUI and trying somewhere else, but when I read the acceptance I felt almost the same way as when I opened my mission call. It is the right place for me to go. It will be really exciting! There are a lot of return missionaries from Romania who are going to BYUI.

Its good to hear that I will be having a bed for when I get back. Since most people don't know the back story to why you are telling me I will have a bed, Ill tell it :) I went off to scout camp one day when we were living in Lehi. I came home after sleeping on rocks and dirt, ready for a nice bed, only to find out that Mom threw it out with plans to get another one real soon. I spent the next 3 months sleeping on the carpet (which had little to no padding). It was only when we moved to Idaho did we get a new bed for me haha! I love you Mom!

For the 4th we had a BBQ with hamburgers, potato salad and apple pie! We stayed at the church, listened to some Patriotic songs and watch the 2013 Boston Fireworks. There are fireworks available in Romania. It seemed everyday in Buc there was someone celebrating something with fireworks. I was tempted to buy some for a member to light off, but I didn't have the chef to do so. 

That's so cool that you were with E for the 4th! I was just thinking about how much my experience working with him and T helped me prepare for my mission in huge ways! I am actually writing a few letters for them.

I kept the house selling in my prayers and my fast. I know it will sell when the time comes.

I love you all! I can't believe how little time I have left! Work hard, Work smart. HAVE FUN!!!

Elder Ormsby

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