Monday, April 28, 2014

Week 76

Dear Family,

As a previous branch president of Bacau said, "All is well in Zion."

I gave a round of interviews yesterday as President Hill will be doing his last round of interviews this week. Some of the members didn't really want to meet for a temple interview, but just wanted to tell me they want to meet with President Hill and say goodbye to him. I did have to have some real interviews, and let me tell you, I have no idea how Bishop Brown does/did it. He does have 300 people in the ward! We ended church around 12 and I left around 3 after only 3 real interviews...

Something that I have learned about the members and Romanians in general, is that God truly loves them. People here have some cool faith. I hear about "dreams" that people have all the time. Sometimes they tell them to do some really iffy things, but other times is absolutely straight from God. When one missionary asked President why we don't hear about this kind of stuff in the States, he said that people receive the guidance that they are both ready for and that they need. The people here expect inspiration to come through dreams, and they really do come through! For example, I had an investigator in Bucuresti. He told me of a dream that he had before he met us. He was walking through a cave with a lot of other people. They were driving the fish towards shore to eat it, as they had done for a long time. He then realizes that he doesn't want to herd fish anymore and sees a small passage off to the side. He described the way as "straight and narrow". He was looking down to keep his footing, when he was stopped by two halberds. Two bright guards were blocking the way. "I need to go through" says our friend. "I don't know if you are prepared just yet" says the first. The second looks up, then touches the other on the shoulder and says "He is ready to go through the gate." Then he woke up. He isn't baptized yet, but he felt he needed to tell us that story after he met us for the second time.

We have had a really hard time of getting out and about. Yesterday we went sing contacting at the park. There were so many people and we were so scared, so we found a slightly less busy area and started to sing. Ill send you the video (its pretty long, and you cant hear all that well, but its kinda cool), but in the beginning you'll see a guy walk by with some girls. He then stopped and listened to us for the whole time with his friends. He came up and talked to us for a sec when we were leaving. He appreciated the singing and loved that we devoted our time to God.

We also met another really cool guy when we were walking to Kaufland (Walmart...or maybe Smiths, yup Smiths) when he called us over. He talked with us and when he found out all the details of us being here, he was blown away. "You stay here for 2 years, away from your families, learning our language on the streets, talking about God, without pay? I really appreciate you guys. You come a long way and people don't realize that. The next time someone gets mad, just remember, your great!" That makes a missionaries day. We invited him to the activity, but he didn't show. We hope to see him around, he lives pretty close.

Poke Secondborn to write me about his prom dates, I haven't heard anything about them. He told me about who had asked him (I thought that was hilarious that a girl asked a guy to prom), but nothing else.

We have been hearing some extra planes outside, and apparently they sounded the alarm to test it the other day (I heard nothing), but I'm not worried about the border stuff. The church is monitoring the situation pretty well, so we'll get some notice. If not, everyone needs some good stories about their missions.

I still have most of my eyebrows, no need to worry about me looking like Elder P.

Love you all, and Ill see you face-webcam-face in two weeks!

Elder Ormsby

Monday, April 21, 2014

....Brain freeze? Headache? Simon Says?

Week 75

Dear Family,

We celebrate Easter is because it is a day of miracles. It is the day that we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. It is the day that we recognize Him breaking the bonds of death, making it possible to live again. 

Yesterday was a day of many more miracles. First, it has been raining for the past five or so days. It has been gloomy, dreary, insert sad word here. Rain always makes it difficult to do missionary work, but yesterday changed. Yesterday we had sunshine. Breaking through the clouds, the sun finally beat back the gray storm clouds. You can literally feel the difference that it makes for people, having sunshine. Coming to church was amazing. You have no idea how hard it is to go into church, almost cringing from what may or may not come. This Sunday, there was no feeling of dread, only peace. It was something that I prayed for a lot. Love everyone and everything (even the hardest things). With the sun shining, I opened the podium to those who wanted to bear testimony of the truthfulness of the resurrection and how it has made a difference for them. Members bore beautiful testimonies, and even those who didnt could feel the love of our Savior.  

Second, yesterday was a day of miracles. Before the meeting, I asked a missionary to  and to greet everyone with love. As soon as he did that, some members did something they had not done in a long time: they stayed after church and talked with us. I love them so much, and I was so grateful that a change had happened. We were going to have a roast dinner, but instead they invited us over to their house and we ate amazing food while enjoying great company. Yesterday was truly a day of miracles.

We havent been able to get out a ton this last week (but more than we were the week before!). Between learning to be a Branch President, dealing with members and all the other stuff, it has been a bit difficult to get out and about. This week we are hoping to bust out some good old pros time, but when members call...they call.

I am so excited to see you all on Mothers Day! It is only a few weeks away, and it will be my last one of my mission. How crazy is that!

Love you all and see you soon,

Elder Ormsby

Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 74

Dear Family!!!!

First of all, I love you. 

Second, being a Branch President will be the hardest thing I have done so far in this life. Well, with some exceptions. I have only been the Branch President for 1 full day, and all ready I have seen the difficulties that started the process of turning Grandpa's hair white (I love you Grandpa!). I love having the opportunity to serve the people of Bacau, especially in a way that I feel will make it easier for me to connect personally with each of the members. Yesterday we had Branch Conference, where I was sustained as the BP, and I have been able to meet with some of the members. It will be such a stressing, stretching 6 months lol!

I cant wait to go to the TEMPLE!!!! I have missed it so much. I never ever ever thought that I would miss something so much, but it has been on my mind a lot recently as I am preparing to encourage people to go to the temple in Germany. I have had a lot of companions who are nearing the end of their mission and have heard their "list". "When I get home I am going to..." Sometimes its hard to hear, but most of the time I like to add things to their list. The temple is almost always on there.


Elder Ormsby

Monday, April 7, 2014

Week 73

Dear Family,
Well, Missionary Super Bowl weekend has come and gone, and like always I loved it! Conference is always such a great spiritual lifter as a missionary, and for everyone else who takes the time to watch and listen to the words of modern day prophets. I especially liked Elder Zwick and his talk on communication. I have learned so much about communication and the importance of being open and honest. When you have a companion or a member or a investigator that has a problem, the worst thing is to leave it alone and let it fester. Good communication can change a relationship for the better, as long as it is delivered correctly.
I cant believe that I was back in Timisoara for only 6 weeks! It was the best transfer of my entire mission. Going back to Elder Zwick, I believe that it was in part because of our communication. We understood each other and loved each other. We had respect for not only the calling, but also for the person (which I think is as important if not more). I made a lot of really good friends, especially my accident prone friend, her 2 hooligan comrades and my friend from Brooklyn! They will understand what all that means when they read it haha. I also got to meet up with a few of my old friends from my first transfers in Timisoara. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to meet up with the people that you were referring to. After seeing so many people leave, they finally had enough and no longer want to talk. That was really hard to deal with, seeing how we were such good friends the last time I was there. That's how life goes sometimes.
I came back to Bacau to be the Branch President. President wanted to test a few of the missionaries and then decided that I would be the best option for Bacau. I am really glad for the opportunity because there are so many different things that I want to do to help the members. I know that this calling is going to be the hardest part of my mission, it already has been pretty difficult, but as it says in 2 Nephi 32 "...thy performance may be for the welfare of thy soul." Its talking about using prayer in your everyday activities. If you do, no matter what happens (as long as you are being good) it will be for you benefit. Its a pretty cool promise, and trust me, there have been lots of prayers over the last year and 6 months. I will only have 6 weeks left of my mission when I get out of Bacau, so I have a bit of time to try and accomplish all that I want to do.
I cant wait to go to the temple again!!!!!
Love you all and talk to you next week!
Elder Ormsby
P.S. Sorry, no pictures, maybe next week.

P.S. I am back in Bacau with Elder L again.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week 72

Dear Family,

This is going to be short. Sorry the email is so late. I was making a pork roast dinner for the district to say goodbye. I am leaving Timisoara. Can you guess where I am going? Back to BACAU!!!! I am pretty sad cause I am leaving my district ( and this transfer has been the best of my entire mission!) and I have made a lot of really cool friends (by the way, if some random people start coming to our house when I get home...well,we'll talk later lol). But I'm going back and I'm going to help that little branch out. I have 6 months there, and I'm gonna make it all count!

I love you all and I will be sure to include some pictures in my next email.

va iubesc!

Elder Ormsby