Monday, April 29, 2013

Week 24

Aw, my dear family. It is always very good to hear from all of you. This email will have to be quick because we are leaving for a castle in 15 minutes. I will be sure to take lots of pictures and will tell you all about it next week. 

I don't know what your talking about, my 6 month mark is on the 14th of May, but you have been doing the same thing I do and just round it up. haha. 

Thank you for putting us in the temple roll, I have been missing the temple more than I could have ever imagined. It is such a blessing to have one close and I hope you know that. It is hard to understand for all of you, living with one very close and others just 5 hours away or less. People hear travel 3 days by train or 5 hours by plane, but it is very expensive:airfare, passport, lodging and other stuff like that. 

Dad, I love that talk by Președintele Eyring. It is such a good talk and explains a lot for me on aspects of life.  Mom, I want you to know how much I love you and miss you. I can't wait to Skype, even though it will be really weird. 

Thirdborn, I was praying one night and had an idea come to me directly after.  I want you to start reading the Book of Mormon by yourself. Well, not by yourself, with me. If you have already started, please start over. I will read as much as you read. Here is how it will go down. Each week I want you to read as much as you can, by yourself no help from Mom or Dad or Seconborn. It doesn't matter how far you get, but I want you to really concentrate on the stories. Then when you email, I want you to tell me everything that you read, and what you think it means. Then I will also have read as far as I can, so I will be ready to discuss with you what we read. We are going to have companionship study together from 2 different sides of the world. I feel that this is going to be a great blessing in both of our lives, so please try your hardest. Don't give up if it gets hard, just pray and keep on reading. I love you buddy and I hope that you are doing well.

Mom, if you could encourage/remind Thirdborn to read. Maybe ask him if he has read everyday or something, but don't read to him please. I feel like this is really important. Love you all and I will talk to you next week.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 23

Mom - That is super cool that you were able to go to California for a conference, and then become a missionary as well. Bravo ție!  Just know that your example is the best way to be a missionary. It is a way for everyone you meet to come to understand the gospel. Everyone knows who you are, if not exactly by name, but that you are a representative of Christ. Especially in the States, they know who you are and what you should be doing. Show love, kindness and patience and a seed will be planted. Think of the pioneers. They would plant seeds on the trail knowing that they would never see the fruits of their labors, but they did it out of their love for their fellow man. 

That is super cool that you have been able to move along on your projects. I have had an idea about something, but you will have to wait for 1 1/2 years before you get to know what it is. How is that for vague? Keep up the good work and don't forget you always have someone next to you who knows exactly how you feel. 

P.S. Mom you are an international star. I have talked to a few people and one of our English students said that he looked me up and found the blog and also the video of you. He said "I watched the video of when you opened up your assignment to the church and your mom was crying and read before you. But your face had no emotion, I couldn't tell what you thought of your going to Romania" Ha ha, well how is that for getting the word out. It is funny because some of the missionaries in the group below me also saw the video and read the blog. And about a month ago a soon to be elder from Arizona read the blog and sent me a letter to ask  me about Romania and other stuff. That is amazing that people can be influenced from a video and a blog. Missionary work is so cool!!

 Thirdborn, I will be sending you a post card next week, but it wont be Dracula's castle. But it does look a little bit like Hogwarts! I heard that you "borrowed" some of my coins from my car... We'll have a long chat when I get home. Ha ha! That is super cool about the people in India. I was reading in the Liahona and I might have read some of the same things that you heard about. It was from a few years ago, but it was still very inspiring.  Thirdborn, you are too young and way to skinny to be worrying about calories! I hope that you are doing good in school. Will you do me a favor, will you kick Secondborn into writing me some more emails. You would think with a computer that he would be writing me at least 3 times a week...

Love Magnet, I heard that you had a hard time at school this last week. This makes me sad. Will you be a good girl for your big brother? I will be going to a castle next week and want to take some fun pictures, but I cant if your not a good girl. There might be some fun things coming to you from me in the next few weeks, so make sure that you are a good girl OK. I love you!

 Hey Dad, thanks for doing my taxes. I was thinking about that the other day and wondered if you had remembered/were able to do them.  So thank you. That is so cool that Grandma and Grandpa were able to have a baptism.  We were finally able to teach someone from our English classes, and although they don't seem very interested in changing they listened and understood a little bit, so that is a beginning. You tell the H's that I am sorry their car broke and to enjoy the Passat. Hope you are all having a good week and here are some pictures of the castle on the hill.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Week 22

Well that is really cool that you guys were able to fast for the F family and for our efforts our here in Deva. I am also glad that your paper finally went through, it was in my prayers the other night, and although it will be a lot of work, I know you'll be able to get it done.

Today we are going to the castle ruins that I sent in a previous picture! Next week, however, we will be going to the Hunedoara castle, 2nd prettiest in Europe. And there will be a little surprise in the next email that I think The Love Magnet will like a lot. 

I am very jealous that you have the ability to go to the temple.  I know that it has only been 3 months since the last time, but I miss being able to go. I am sad that I didn't take the opportunity to go as much as I could before I left. Go there as much as you can, it is such a blessing to have a temple as close as you do. Members here only make the trip once or twice a year, some only once in their whole life! its a long 3 day journey up to Germany or Ukraine. I hope that is one thing that I am able to leave these people with. A progression to obtaining a temple here in Romania. Its still a long way from it, but it will happen in my life time, its only a matter of the members and how much they really want it, as a whole group. Members who understand that THEY ARE MISSIONARIES make this work so much easier. Become a missionary! Small steps go a really long way. It doesn't even have to be about religion. Just be a friend! 

Well, anyways, we were blessed to have our mission president give a surprise visit when he dropped off Sora F. It was so nice to see them, even though they were only able to stay for 10 minutes. It really is true that you have a absolute love for your mission president, and he returns it. Love you mom.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 21

Thank you for the picture of my puppy, oh and the others as well! Life here in Deva has continued on as usual. We watched only the first session Saturday and the first session Sunday, both of which were at 7pm. we watched it at the church with the F family. One weird part was that it was also Fast Sunday, so we couldn't follow traditions and have a big breakfast and eat candy. I am definitely going to have to watch the other sessions though. It sounds like they were really good. 

I like this quick info thing that we have going on between the F's and us. We heard about North Korea from them as well, so I would have to say that you are right mom. But the biggest indicator that the last days are coming is the progression of the church 65,000 missionaries!!! Wow, that was a crazy thing to think about. 

Elder B is from West Valley Utah. He is super sarcastic and incredibly funny! He doesn't have a blog, but I'm sure there is an email thingy majigger somewhere out there. Unfortunately I lost my notebooks with my testimonies in them, which I was going to write in the CLM's, along with all my MTC notes and other impressions. Oh well, good thing there is such a thing as continued revelations.

In Deva wehaven't  been able to do a lot of contacting do to the fact that I am first counselor and financial secretary, there is a lot to get done at the church, along with other things. But we were attempting to go villa knocking up that hill. It is a good thing we don't live over there because that hill is really steep and walking up was a great workout. Also, I don't know if its the water or what, but people grow their dogs big here in Deva. Like massive mop dogs... Iforget what they are called, but there is a picture of a different kind that we saw as well. It was crazy!!! We meet in a villa next to the mall here in Deva. It is much nicer looking than some buildings, but relatively small. Looks like we are going to have to find a new one before I leave haha. 

I haven't sent your package because I haven't  finished a letter for you but I hope to get it out before next week, we'll see. Thats cool that Sora G wrote The Love Magnet again. I know that those sisters love TLM and really appreciate it when they get one back. TLM is a missionaries helper!!! And yes thank you so much for the crock pot. I was totally kidding when I asked for one, but it has been such a nice thing to use. If its not in the package, could you send some recipes (golden delicious chicken being number 1) by email. I know that my companion has really enjoyed it as well, as will all the future companions.

What do you mean mom's going to California for two weeks? I am glad that you ate some candy (but not too much) I will have to send you something yummy with your package! I LOVE YOU TLM!!!

Our branch is super cool! Did you know that mom skyped them, before she even skyped me! I think she loves them more, what do you think? If I ever go to Dracula's Castle (aka Bram's Castle) I will get you something better than a post card! I have heard there are some cool things there, like a puzzle box. Guess you'll just have to wait a while to find out what that is! We meet at church just like you do and do all of the things that you do at church. we have sacrament and then Sunday school, then its off to priesthood and before you know it, church is over!! And its all in Romanian! Crazy right? We have some restaurants here, but not as much as in Timisoara or in the USA. We do have a McDonalds, but I don't like that place anymore. So you want a shwarma huh? well, Ill see what I can do. Hopefully I will be able to make sarmale when I get home. Did you know that mom has mad a kind of sarmale before? Yep and I bet she didn't even know it either. Keep it cool Thirdborn. Oh and please stop growing, before you know it, you ll run out of room to grow!.

Sorry to hear that you have been having troubles with work, its too bad that you lost the St. L contract. I cant say that I fully understand because I've  never been in that situation, but I do know that the Savior does.  I  know that you both are turning to the Lord for help and advice, and that is exactly what you need to be doing. Be  ready to follow any promptings that you have and I know that you will be blessed, especially if it something difficult. I love you so much and as I have listened to some of conference, I am reminded of the love and sacrifice that you have shown to me and to the to some of conference, I am reminded of the love and sacrifice that you have shown to me and to the rest of the family. You have always been one of my hero's and I hope to one day have a strong a testimony and character has you have shown me. I love  you dad, and I want you to know that the to some of conference, I am reminded of the love and sacrifice that you have shown to me and to the rest of the family. You have always been one of my hero's and I hope to one day have a strong a testimony and character has you have shown me. I love  you dad, and I want you to know that the Lord does too. As the times are getting harder rely more and more on the family and also on the Atonement. Make sure that my siblings understand the importance of the scriptures and also the Atonement. It has been such a blessing in my life and I know that everyone has need of the power and help that comes from it. Know that you all are always in my prayers and keep a hold of the Iron rod!!!

So I just wanted to say something really quickly about Brother H. I received a text message the other night from my branch president, here in Romania, that Brother H had passed away. For me, death has always been a really hard thing to deal with. At my great grandmothers funeral I refused to look during the viewing and when I left on my mission, I thought of all the people that might pass away while I was gone. But over the past few months I have come to know of a certain truth. The Plan of Salvation is real. Sure, I could have told you before about the Plan of Salvation, and how it applies to all of us, but I couldn't apply it to myself. For whatever reason, be it that I have studied it more, or that I have tried to apply it more, God has given me a testimony of the truthfulness of His Great and Eternal Plan. After that text, I began to laugh as I thought of all the quirky little things that Brother H did. Be it playing his "hand trumpet" or the bagpipes on his thoat. Or better yet the time that we came into class and there was a light board and we was in a flatbill sideways, rings on his fingers and shades...the seminary rap. I have never met a kinder, more enthusiastic BSU Bronco fan (and that's saying something on the enthusiastic part). He was an overall amazing man. Before I left I was able to go to a fireside in his honor. The whole time he talked he was cracking jokes and being his usual self, and then would turn it around to something very serious. He talked about the pains that he had had every single night, and the love and devotion of his wife, and also the Savior and how he had come to know with all his heart about his Eldest Brother. I remember the first time I had seen him in quiet a few years. It was on Tuesday night for basketball and I saw this little skinny guy. Now, when I knew Brother H he was a little taller than me and a little bigger around the waist. So I thought, naw cant be him. Then the guy comes up to me and says Brother Ormsby, did your mom feed you miracle grow?? (something to that extent). And i said "whoa Brother H? Man you look great" He replied "thanks I have cancer". Just like that. He didn't sound like someone who had given up, he sounded like someone who had accepted something and then decided to fulfill his time here. I know that quirky man is teaching in the Spirit World, having a great time. I also know that he is watching out for his family, and they should know that they are in my prayers. I am so thankful for the time that I had to come to know Brother H, and I cant wait to see him again. His life is a great example to us all, and I know that he has influenced many people to follow the path of happiness. I say these things as one being influenced by the example of Brother H, a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and do so in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Amen.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Week 20 with a lot of pics!

we sent Elder Ormsby this pic with our family letters.  His response:

holy smokes, will you stop feeding that boy miracle grow!!! That is so cool, man he is way tall, they both are. That is really cool about the discussion at grandma and grandpas house. well gotta go

(then in a separate letter)

Haha, gotch ya. Well, being in a two man city can get stircrazy, so forgive me of my little prank. Unfortunately your packages haven't arrived yet. I wonder what the UK one will be.

We have been trying to get things in order here in Deva and it has been a little slow. Being called as branch financier (Mom's note:  Branch Financial Clerk) and also 1st assistant (Mom's note:  1st Counselor in the Branch Presidency)  has put some other duties on me as well as being a missionary. We hope to get the ball rolling and there are some really cool prospective...posibili simpatizanti...possible investigators. 

We teach English and after we have a spiritual thought. This last one we gave everyone a copy of the Book of Mormon and asked them to read in it with us. Then as we finished and stood to take them back, one of our students asked us if she could keep the book. Uh ya. Then another woman asked if it would be ok if she could take it as well. Uh double Ya. Hopefully it goes somewhere. Then we were at internet and a young man behind me taped my shoulder as I was watching the Bible videos of Christ. He asked if I liked them and then went back to his business. I had such a strong feeling that I needed to talk to him and give him one of our cards about a documentary? Emisiune. It took me another 5-10 minutes, but God knew what he wanted. So we talked a little bit and he knows a bit about our church. We are going to meet up on Friday and hopefully talk a little bit more about what he watch. For those who know Romanian or just want to watch it the site is and it will be a link on the left side. It is actually really good, although the music is kinda weird. but what to do. 

Hey what is this, you skyped the Fs before you skyped me??? Well see if I send you any pictures today haha. Love you all and I am thankful for your willingness and love that I can feel everyday.  Miss you all a lot and I cant wait to talk to you in May. I know that God lives and that He has a plan for you. Always remember that in your times of need and trial. They are all for your good D&C 122. Listen to Elder Bruce R. McConkies final talk and you will know how much our Savior loves us.
Elder Ormsby

 Oh,. the Love Magnet will LOVE this pic!

 There are a lot of beautiful churches in Romania.

 Elder B knows a few tricks!
 More proof that he knows how to cook.

 The missionaries have to brush their teeth at the kitchen sink - the only place in the apartment with filtered water.  It looks like a nice apartment.

 Beautiful cemeteries.

Elder Ormsby has commented that there are a lot of dogs in Romania. Some are very big.  It is hard to tell how big this guy is, so we'll just have to trust Elder Ormsby's judgment.