Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Week 90

Dear Family,

Another transfer come and gone, with only two left. How can time go by so quickly. It seemed like only yesterday I was wondering how communism took the happiness out of Romania as I looked upon the fog laden airport. I was wrong about happiness being gone, and I have learned so much about the people here. Life, eh?

Sorry this is so short. We had to help one of the sisters get her stuff on a train to go home, so I will continue writing you later.

Love y'all!

Ok, now I have a little bit more time to write letter.

Life is going really well. We found out this weekend that Elder M will be leaving Bacau and will be working in Craiova with two companions. I am super sad to see Elder M go, he has become one of my best friends in this mission. I am so grateful for my time with him, he has helped me to keep calm and just keep moving forward. He will do great in Craiova. Elder C is going to be my new comp. He has been serving as a partial BP in Galati (they have a member BP who was baptized less than a year ago), so he knows the basics of being a BP. No word yet on if he will be the new BP here in Bacau, guess we will find that out next transfer board haha. 

The members are all right. We have tried to work with the Bs, but they didn't responded to my call. I am going to try really hard to get them back to church this next transfer. We don't have any investigators, but we have a really good friend, D. He plays World of Warcraft for a living. You read right, World of Warcraft. He is super legit, totally cool. One of the members was talking about a YSA conference that will be in August and he asked "Wait, where are we going?" The member at first didnt think that he could go, but after a second thought invited him to come and he is! He doesn't believe in God, but really respects us for the fact that we are here in Romania. The other day we sang "Domnul sa te Aiba-n Grija Sa" "God Be With you till we Meet Again". He was very excited about how well we sang. As good as that was, we were all impressed even more when he bowed his head when we said a prayer. It was super cool!

Well, love you lots and I will see you soon

Elder Ormsby

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