Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 88

Dear Family,

Hey! That was supposed to be my first line! I was going to make a joke about 99 bottles of...root beer on the wall or days left on the mission to be exact, but you beat me to it haha! Life is so good! Life is great! Going to the zone conference in Iasi, I was still a little nervous to meet President and Sora Ivory. Even being a missionary for over a year and a half, I still get slightly nervous when preparing to meet someone new. It was fantastic. I love President and Sora Ivory. President Ivory has a very special way with people and its easy to see why his company has been #1 for twenty some odd years. When he spoke, I felt the fire inside burn brighter than it has in so many transfers. I made a goal with President Ivory to work my last three months of my mission as I did my first three months.  I feel it, just like I used to when I first came out and I had forgotten how amazing it is! There are no words to explain it, but I have a strong testimony that President Ivory has been called of God to preside over the Romania/Moldova Mission at this time.  Sora Ivory is really great too! She is so loving and ready to work as hard as she can. I accidentally called her "Sora Hill" as I was leaving my interview...awkward. Its like calling your teacher at school "Mom"!

Wow, it really is happening. It is weird to think that we will be living in a new house when I get home. Are we going to have a basement? 

The stuff coming out of the covrigi was chocolate. I tried the poppy seed stuff in my first transfer, and it just tasted like dead ants lol.

Oooh Secondborn already knows who he is going to marry, huh? Well, do I get a picture at least? Would you ask him to send me an email and/or you just tell me about EFY?

I would love to give a talk in the home ward. I have already been made aware that I will be talking a lot when I get home. I really hope to talk in a youth conference, I think that would be so awesome! The youth have so much potential and sometimes all it takes is a single question.

I love you all and Ill talk to you real soon,

Elder Ormsby

P.S. Did you ever think that we were supposed to move somewhere besides Utah?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 87

Dear Family,

I haven't met President and Sora Ivory in person, but I have talked to Pres. Ivory on the phone a few times, and he seems like a very smart man. I was very impressed with his approach to less active finding, its something I have wanted to attempt (successfully) for a large part of my mission. I am excited to hear what he has to say more about the matter, and finding in general, this Friday when we meet him. 

I hope to hear all about Secondborn's trip to EFY! I remember my two trips, and they were both so amazing! Of course Secondborn got a lot of numbers, he is a good looking guy. It also helps that he has texting haha. 

I am so happy that  you were able to attend President and Sora Hill's homecoming talk. They were both so amazing, and I will love them forever. They have helped me through so much, and the things that I learned from both of them will help me into the eternities. I am also glad to hear that he talked about the difficulty of being in this mission. There are so many missionaries who sometimes feel like they are failures for not having any baptisms. The greatest missionary, I feel, that I have ever known was an incredibly hard working, obedient missionary. And yet, even after all that work, he never saw a baptism. Is he a successful missionary? Of course! One of the most powerful questions President Hill ever asked was "How many baptisms did Abinidi get?" 

I can't wait for The Love Magnet's birthday! I expect lots of pictures from that.

Speaking of pictures, I haven't really taken a lot of pictures of myself recently, but I will send you a funny video of me eating a pretzel without using my hands!

I love you all so much. I can't wait to see you again. Don't ever think that pictures or news will make me homesick. The only time I have ever felt homesick was Thanksgiving in the MTC and that was because I wasn't playing in the turkey bowl! I love you.

Love Elder Ormsby

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Week 86

Dear Family, 

I got the acceptance to BYUI and I sent in the questionnaire for the tracks. You don't get to chose which track they put you on, so I am hoping for Winter and Spring. That will give me a good chunk of time to work for some cash. I am going to be completing a lot of little scholarships in hopes that I get a bit more money for school. I had been contemplating not going to BYUI and trying somewhere else, but when I read the acceptance I felt almost the same way as when I opened my mission call. It is the right place for me to go. It will be really exciting! There are a lot of return missionaries from Romania who are going to BYUI.

Its good to hear that I will be having a bed for when I get back. Since most people don't know the back story to why you are telling me I will have a bed, Ill tell it :) I went off to scout camp one day when we were living in Lehi. I came home after sleeping on rocks and dirt, ready for a nice bed, only to find out that Mom threw it out with plans to get another one real soon. I spent the next 3 months sleeping on the carpet (which had little to no padding). It was only when we moved to Idaho did we get a new bed for me haha! I love you Mom!

For the 4th we had a BBQ with hamburgers, potato salad and apple pie! We stayed at the church, listened to some Patriotic songs and watch the 2013 Boston Fireworks. There are fireworks available in Romania. It seemed everyday in Buc there was someone celebrating something with fireworks. I was tempted to buy some for a member to light off, but I didn't have the chef to do so. 

That's so cool that you were with E for the 4th! I was just thinking about how much my experience working with him and T helped me prepare for my mission in huge ways! I am actually writing a few letters for them.

I kept the house selling in my prayers and my fast. I know it will sell when the time comes.

I love you all! I can't believe how little time I have left! Work hard, Work smart. HAVE FUN!!!

Elder Ormsby

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Week 85

Dear Family,

Well, the time has finally come. President Hill and Sora Hill have completed their missions and are heading home right now. I am so grateful for the chance that I had to serve during their time, as well as come close to them during my time in the office. They were so loving to all the missionaries, helping all of us to see our true potential. They weathered through rough times with the missionaries and reminded all of us of the true love of Christ. I love them so much and I will miss them greatly. 

Ill be honest and say that I am a bit worried.  I am much reminded of my time in the MTC when we were transferred to the Italian zone. President Gamett, our English zone branch president, was so kind and loving. When we had our last Sunday with him, he cried as he told us of his love for the Romanian missionaries. Immediately after, we were handed over to the Italian zone, where I felt we had a lot of problems. Now, I dont expect to have a lot of problems from President Ivory. The opposite, I am excited to meet him.  I am still so grateful for President Hill's blessing of acceptance for President Ivory.

Thats about it. Nothing new has happened. We are going to a german town tomorrow (we switched our pdays) and I should have some great pics for y'all.

Love ya!

Elder Ormsby

Monday, June 23, 2014

Week 84

Dear Family,

It is so good to hear from you! Each week seems to go by so quickly. I thought back to my time in the MTC, the other day, and I remembered thinking that two years would never come. Its kinda like a dream, in the sense that you see only the things directly in front of you, but the sides are all blurred and unfocused. Oct. 28 is still in that blurred area lol. 

This week has been a bit of a weird one. Sora S goes home on Wednesday. She was in the group just below me in the MTC and I have been around her more than any other sister. I am so grateful that I wasn't around my MTC soras when they went home, because seeing Sora leave Bacau was so incredibly difficult. I have gone through more trials with her than any of my sisters. I am so grateful to have been able to serve around her and have a great understanding of who she is! I can't wait to see her and a certain "fish" when I get back ;)!!!

Life is good. Its very tiring, but its good. Elder M and I will be staying together for another transfer! I am so happy to hear this cause he has helped me so much this last transfer. He is so calm, especially during stressful situations, which is A+ in my book. We tried to set up with 2 people this week, but both of them fell through. We are still pretty hopeful for the two of them.

Take lots of pictures of C's homecoming for me! I am about to send you so many pictures and videos that you wont know what to do with them all :) 

Love you all,

Elder Ormsby

We took Big Blue for a ride in Bacau.  I wonder when the office elders will realize it is missing... 

Gasp!  It's Big Red, Big Blue's arch nemesis! 

We played "Who Am I" in English Class. 

We taught M how to say "I Love You"....He might think it means "rock on!"  Close enough! 

You probably can't see it, but that little blur on the middle of the hand is a spider.  We are so proud of Sora S! 

I ate a lot of food for this challenge. 

The Soras have a friend in the bakery business so we like to stop by to say hello. 

Super good pretzels for 30 cents! 

If a crane makes a nest in the village, then the whole village has good luck.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

Week 83

Dear Family,


Life is going really good! I have had a little bit of a change in attitude over the last week. I had been worrying a lot (the list goes on and on), and then I realized that it was getting me so stressed out! I can't work at a good pace when I am that stressed, nor can I give my best. So now its just one thing at a time. If I cant change it, I'm not going to worry about it right now. Later!

That is so cool that you were able to go to Utah for Fathers Day. Fathers Day in Romania was quite a long time ago, and I totally forgot there was a different one, until we got onto and they were all centered on Fathers. Good to hear Grandpa Ormsby is doing better. He was the center of many prayers. Will you ask the Grandparents (both sides) if they want to get a manger scene set? I will need to tell the Brasov missionaries in the next little while so I can find out when they are going out that way. 

I will keep the Bs in my prayers.

That's about it Family! I hope you have a great week, and Ill talk to you real soon!

Elder Ormsby

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Week 82

Dear Family,

Sorry I wasn't able to send you an email on either Monday or Tuesday. Monday we were in Zone Conference and then off to the piatas and Tuesday we were travelling pretty much all day. The Zone Conference was one of the best conferences I have ever been to on my mission. There was such a good feeling about the entire thing, and we all learned a lot. One of the coolest things was during Presidents final remarks. He gave all of us a blessing. Not one at a time, but as a collective group. He blessed us with many things, but one of them being that we would have an acceptance for the new mission president. This is something that I have been so worried about. When we received a new branch president in the MTC, it was one of the hardest things for me. When something is not broken, I usually don't see the point in trying to fix it. So having to move from on BP to a new one was incredibly especially because we all loved and respected President G. We all love and respect President Hill, and having something new was not something that I was looking forward to. However, I now am trying to NOT worry. Positive thoughts. I want to be able to meet him with a clean slate, not with any prejudged decisions. 

It was so weird to think that this was the end of President and Sora Hill's mission. It is also the end of Sora S's and her group's mission. When she got up to bear her dying testimony, my heart started to beat so fast because I thought I was up next! Its a good thing I wasn't with my soras when they bore their testimonies, because I feel like I would have had a harder time remembering that it wasn't going to be me with them. #missionlife

Lol, from the last comment you will have seen the # thing. I think it is so funny, even though I don't (nor probably will ever) use twitter. 

Things have taken a great turn in the last couple days. We returned to Iasi from Chis and immediately got on the next maxi to Bacau. I wasn't too happy cause I hadn't eaten all day and we had been traveling for 4 hours already, but we got on and it was a good thing we did. We listened, for two hours, while a little girl coughed and coughed and coughed. The sisters asked her mom (they were sitting right next to them) if she would like for her daughter to receive a blessing from two people who had the power of God. She said yes and we were able to give a blessing to the little girl. At first she was really shy and didn't want to take her hair covering off (still not sure why), but after the blessing she was a little happier,and even gave a slight smile to the sisters as she left with her mom.  We then got in a taxi, and the guy was legitimately interested in who we were and why we are here. He loved to push himself to grow and had learned English, a bit of French and Italian. He had also visited Jerusalem. I talked to him a little bit about the Book of Mormon and that is when Sora Stapley remembered that she had forgotten her BOM on the maxi. Normally she would have left it on there and hoped that someone would pick it up and read it (it happens so much more than you would think), but this one had all her letters! She went back and on the way it started to POUR!!! Ill send you a video, but it was like when I was in the office and it rain! The taxi driver didn't want them to get wet, so he told them to wait, got out in the rain and brought out an umbrella and then ran with them to the maxi. When she picked up the book and ran back to the car, the driver told Sora Staplely "Wow, that must have been a really important book for you to want to go back." "This is an important book!!!!" We are going to meet with him, hopefully tomorrow, and tell him why it is an important book. We then had one of our English students bring two friends. For the spiritual thought, we sang a song. We were only going to sing one verse, but they asked to sing more, so we sang all three verses of De tine am nevoie. It was so cool! Life is still hard, duh, but it merits being a missionary. 

My companion is Sir Snuffleupagus today. His allergies are killing him. I am so glad that I no longer have itchy eyes, those were the worst.  Poor M.

That's about it! I will send you some pics and videos in a bit, but i love you and hope you are all well.

Elder Ormsby