Sunday, July 6, 2014

Week 85

Dear Family,

Well, the time has finally come. President Hill and Sora Hill have completed their missions and are heading home right now. I am so grateful for the chance that I had to serve during their time, as well as come close to them during my time in the office. They were so loving to all the missionaries, helping all of us to see our true potential. They weathered through rough times with the missionaries and reminded all of us of the true love of Christ. I love them so much and I will miss them greatly. 

Ill be honest and say that I am a bit worried.  I am much reminded of my time in the MTC when we were transferred to the Italian zone. President Gamett, our English zone branch president, was so kind and loving. When we had our last Sunday with him, he cried as he told us of his love for the Romanian missionaries. Immediately after, we were handed over to the Italian zone, where I felt we had a lot of problems. Now, I dont expect to have a lot of problems from President Ivory. The opposite, I am excited to meet him.  I am still so grateful for President Hill's blessing of acceptance for President Ivory.

Thats about it. Nothing new has happened. We are going to a german town tomorrow (we switched our pdays) and I should have some great pics for y'all.

Love ya!

Elder Ormsby

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