Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 67

Dear Family, friends and blog stalkers,

I have to laugh every time some new missionary comes in and says "ya, I stalked your blog." Haha, its all good. I'm glad that someone reads it!

So this last week has been a really strange one. I would be lying if I said I wasn't angry when I left Bacau. I would be lying if I said I wasn't incredibly depressed, but I would also be lying if I didn't say that it all went away the minute I entered Timisoara. It was as if the Lord said "Ok, you've had your time to grieve. Now, I need you, go to work." Walking out of the gara, I felt what every kid feels on Christmas morning. Excitement and anticipation. I am here in Timisoara and ready to make the best of it. I am ready to see all my old investigators, to see if they are finally ready. I am ready to see the members (including one that we all thought would have passed away almost a year ago).

We have got a really good district here in Timisoara. Besides having the Hs back :) we have Elders M1, M2, S (you were so close on the spelling) and then Soras S and L. We have had a great time already and I know that we are going to get along really well this next transfer. 

We don't have dental appts, unless we have an emergency (I can tell you that the dentist isn't going to like that when I get back). Add to the fact that my eye sight has gotten worse in a year and a half makes me really excited to go see the doctors when I get back...

Tell Secondborn and Thirdborn to send me some pictures and to write me once in a while! Don't worry about making me homesick, it would take a lot more than that, trust me. 

Please pray for a friend of mine. Her mom just passed away and I know that it is really hard for her. I'm not going to include a name, cause I don't think she would like her name out and about. Just keep in mind Elder Ormsby's friend. 

Love you all and Ill talk to you soon,

Elder Ormsby

Thanks to the Senior Missionaries for the pics:

Happy to be back on the streets of Timisoara.
 With new companion, Elder S!
 And the beloved Maxi Taxi rides to Oredea for district conference.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 66

Dear Family,

Ok, that is not even fair. Telling me all these really good foods...oh well, at least I have M...oh wait....

Well, we didn't have any cupcake tins, so I tried to turn the [red velvet cake mix] into brownies and they were just soggy for some reason. The frosting was really gross looking too. Its weird, they definitely looked better last year, oh well. The cookies were great. I used them for my spiritual thought and did the "only a little bit of poop". You know, the one where I explain whats in the cookie and then have them eat it, but before they do I explain the "secret" ingredient. A tablespoon of dog poo for the whole batch. Its fine, cause it was cooked and there were a lot of cookies, so not much poo would be in them. It had the desired result, except from my comp, who tried to be smecher and "beat the system"...what a punk lol. We had a really poor turn out for English classes. Hopefully it will be better next transfer.

We aren't teaching anyone right now. One of our investigators went to Constanta for the winter and is coming back real soon. The others went out to Paris for some treatments and wont be back for 3 months. Kinda sad, but asa merge viata.

I have been trying to finish the Bible. Its a really  big part of peoples lives here (even if they don't read it) and so I wanted to better understand where they were coming from. It has been a rough journey, but I am finally in Ezekiel. I hope that I will finish the New Testament in a few months. It will be an easier read than Chronicles, that's for sure.

Romanians have 2 days that are like Valentines day. The actual day, Sfantul Valantin, and the 24th. I forget what that one is called, but its basically the same thing. Lots of commercial stuff.

So, I have literally had my heart ripped apart this last week.  Transfer boards came out. I am going to my home city of Timisoara.  I wanted to stay here so bad, to be with the people that I love The people here are just so amazing. I cant explain why Bacau is one of the greatest cities in Romania, it just is. I have four new sisters here and one of my best friends. The B family were investigators 14 years ago. Two days before they were set to be baptized, they were found amazing jobs and a decent place to stay. God has blessed them so much in the last little while. They have become so close to me, all in 6 weeks.  Its just been a great transfer. I would do almost anything to stay here. I will come back at one point. I kept that promise to the Timi members, it will happen to Bacau too.

Stay pretty,

Elder Ormsby

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week 65

Dear Family,

Sorry you didn't get an email yesterday. President came for interviews and we had a wild day. Elder L and I were going to wake up at 3 am to start lunch for President (roast pork, mashed know, the works). I know its early, but I love seeing people eat something that I made, that I know tastes good. Any ways, I wake up and shower and what not, only to have a big feeling. Don't go to the church right now. I couldn't tell if it was the Holy Ghost or me wanting my bed. I decided that testing that feeling wasn't something I wanted to do, so I promptly went back to bed and woke up at a more decent hour. 4:45 lol. We were out the door around 5:30 and started the food closer to 6. After we prepared the food and stuffed it in the oven, we took a little nap in the church and then listened to some really great talks. "The First Great Commandment" by Elder Holland, "We Are Doing a Great Work and Cannot Come Down" by President Uchtdorf, and "Where is the Pavilion" by President Eyring. We also watched the new Mormon message about the Prodigal son. It gives a modern day story about the Prodigal Son, but from the point of the older brother. Its really good, you should watch it for family home evening. I will include a link, just to make it a little easier ;) Haha, computer smiley faces are so funny.

That's pretty funny about the whole Olympics thing. How is the US doing anyways?

What an interesting conversation it must have been. It must be really nice to have someone love you, the fact that you would visit them and cherishes your time. The story she told you about her daughter made me really sad. It is something that I have come to acknowledge on my mission. The fact that The Love Magnet will probably pass away before I do. In the beginning of my mission, it brought me a lot of heartache, but now I have a changed perspective. I still have a lot of time left with my favorite little sister, there are lot of things we can do together. Will I be sad when she leaves this life? You better believe it, but I take solace knowing that I will be able to see her again. Not only that, but in a perfect body. I don't have to think about that for a long time, but it still makes me really excited.

For my 21st birthday we went to a Chinese restaurant with a member. 'A' is way a way cool and solid member. She's really funny and so not excited for sister missionaries to come to Bacau. I keep praying we get really good sisters. The members, us and the city need it. After Chinese, we went to internet and then off to the B family for dinner. They have a tradition where they buy pizzas on someones birthday. This is a very rare treat and I am so grateful that they would include me on one of their family's traditions. We also had cake. I have a video where they are singing to me. I wish I had been holding the camera, cause I look so awkward in the video. What is one supposed to do when others are singing happy birthday? Basically be as awkward as possible. The other missionaries hadn't been shopping yet, so they left early and we just talked for a bit. Answered a few gospel questions and what not. S, one of the daughters, is really smart and has been reading everyday. She has some good questions. After answering a few, we ran home. While we were planning for the night, the other elders called us into the main room. I went out, expecting them to have a camera and some balloons or something. I tried to go to the kitchen, but then Elder L stopped me. Apparently only he was supposed to go out haha.

They had a cake and we sang happy birthday again and ate some more cake (chocolate this time, instead of an angel food cake(ish)). The next morning, we all woke up sick because of all the sugar. Hadnt had that much sugar in a long long time.

This week we were at the store and I wanted to get a treat. My favorite thing that I used to get was a Swiss Roll. Now, Elder T had become super paranoid about alcohol in the candy here (its in a lot of stuff and you usually don't notice it). So when I got my swiss roll, I turned it around, just to humor myself, only to find that the dumb thing has alcohol. Well shoot, there goes my favorite treat. Now I need to go find an equally delicious roll of chocolate and plastic to quench my hunger.

Missionary ideas for Dad:  One of the things that the aps are pushing is a small paper that has a few lines for friends and then cooresponding boxes for dates. The dates are when they are going to invite that certain friend to what activity. After the 8th or so activity, they will invite the friend to take the lessons. On the back has a bunch of things such as, how to ask a friend to an activity, which activities are good, how to choose a friend etc etc. We haven't tried it yet, but I will let you know the results.

I got that package! Thank you so much. I am actually using the cookies today for a spiritual thought and the red velvet cakes will be for tonight when we finish our pday. I will send you pics later today. We have English soon and are leaving in a few minutes.

Love you all and talk to you soon,

Elder Ormsby

 It is so cold!

 Found another Bacau Creep.

The foyer of the rented Bacau church building.

 Sacrament room

 Foyer hallway to the left.

 Foyer hallway to the right

 This is interesting. This is how romanians (and most of europe) heat their homes. It heats water to 70 C and then pumps it to water heaters. Those things are HOT!
 My apartment kitchen.  Yes, it is messy right now.

 I dont know why, but Elder O likes to point at me with an strange face...

 This is American Week at Lidl (a store). I bought "hot dogs" cause I was bored of what we had back home...they werent hot dogs...
Don't they look appealing?..

 How about now?
 Elder T bought "cheese cake". Do I see a trend?
 Chocolate muffins (werent so bad) and popcorn (havent tried it yet)
 What Romanians think Americans eat. 
now that is a real meal!!!
Thanks for the package!

Monday, February 3, 2014


Dear Family and others,

Well, I'm glad you all remembered my birthday this year haha!

Another year has come and gone, which is so crazy to think about. This time last year I was sick, tired and totally overwhelmed with everything. I remember my birthday very clearly. The night before we had come home a little early because of a fever. I told my trainer that I would take a half hour-ish nap while he made dinner and then I would clean it up and we would be out the door. So of course I woke up at 9, hungry but nauseous, with my trainer sheepishly calling potentials. I love that guy so much. He took good care of me. The next morning I was feeling even worse. I was contemplating not going to church, but as a missionary, I felt that only giving up my internal organs in a violent manner would be a skip-church worthy. So church was cold, hot, really cold, really hot. I am not sure what happened, except that one of the members said something about my birthday and how we need to remember less actives birthdays, and then he says "not that you understand anything I am saying right now". Well, I caught that part. As we left church, the sisters gave me some very sad looking cookies that they had made and a Dr. pepper (oh snap, I haven't had one of those in forever!). I was really grateful that they had remembered my birthday and would make cookies. Walking home was so painful. AH! I just remembered that it was also a fast Sunday and I decided that I needed the blessings, so on top of being sick, I was super hungry and weak. Anyways, walking home was so painful because I was so tired and it was misting. Now misting normally doesn't hurt, but please remember that my face was on fire and it felt like small daggers were attacking all my pores. Think needles, lots and lots of needles (I know I just freaked one of you out). As we are walking home, Elder H turns and reminds me that all we have back home is Lipie (large tortilla, but better) and some peanut butter. He apologizes as he tells me that we don't have anything for a cake either! He kept that up for a while making me feel worse and worse. I had been working really hard at being positive, so I turned and said that I was with a great companion, in a great district, in one of the best cities in the mission, in ROMANIA and that this was enough for me. Exhausted, we approached the door of our block when Elder Harrison stops. "Please open the door, Elder H". "I am so sorry, I forgot that I promised Sora Hunt that we would go and show her how to *blank* (I forgot what it was)" "Does it have to be right now?" "Ya, I promised her..." Sigh. Off we go, in the other direction. I was trying so hard to see the good, so hard to keep positive, and I was so close to my bed. Bless Elder Harrison, he contacted people on the way there, and I am sad to say that my love was wearing very thin by that point haha. We finally come to the Hunts block and he walks past the darn thing. Yup, definitely on the verge of something bad. In the elevator we go and when we arrive on the H's floor, I saw some people. The glass is warped and colored so my first fevered thought was "Oh, the H's are having some "get to know your neighbor" activity." Close, it was my entire district. They had set up a surprise party for me. They had made some tunnel thing with their arms and I walked straight through them, in the door, past the kitchen and onto the couch. Sora H came in and told me to sleep while they finished dinner and then we could eat. They had tried to make my favorite meal, Pot roast. They tried so hard to find beef, but only could get pork. It was the nicest thing anyone had ever done for me, especially in such a sneaky conniving way haha.

Now, we arrive to a new year. It astounds me to think of all the experiences that I have had, all in one year. I have learned a new language. Lived in another country half way around the world from home. I have made almost every single meal, every day (exclude all the days we went out to eat and the comps that knew how to cook). I have met crazy people and made amazing friends. Most important, I have come closer to my Savior. So much frustration, and anger and despair have been made easier through His hands. Every time that I have turned to Him, I have felt peace. I really like the scripture found in Matthew 14:28-33. Peter walks out on the water and then becomes afraid. As he fears the winds and the waves he begins to sink. Crying out with fear he reached his hand toward Christ and asked for his help. Immediately, Christ reached out and caught Peter. I love that word. Immediately. Not in five minutes, not when Christ was less busy. No, immediately.

Thank you for your birthday wishes and for the videos. Its pretty early over there and I know you have stuff to do today. Have a good celebration.

Love Elder Ormsby