Sunday, May 26, 2013

Week 28

Sooooooo sorry that I wasn't able send more stuff off last week. 

This week has been a little bit crazy. So I received call last week/ week and a half and it was one of our A.P's. So side story, last transfer I kept having this feeling that someone in my family would get really hurt/pass away. Don't know why, it was just a feeling. So the A.P. called and said in a very official voice "is this Elder Ormsby?" So I know this A.P. and he usually isn't like that, so I say "You know it is, man you sound official, what did someone die?" He responds with "where are you right now?" We were in our stairwell going up to our apartment so I told him as much. He responds with "You might want to sit down"...what...what? Oh my goodness! So I am freaking out a little when he says "there are a lot of changes with the missionaries who are leaving next week and you are one of them, welcome to the office". Elder Speth, I am going to kill you! Haha.

Well, its not the worst thing that could happen. Actually the office is a little boring, but not too much. We are in a threesome right now, the one I will replace is still with us. There aren't enough computers for us to use all the time so sometimes I just sit and stare, then realize I should at least try and do something. So I read scriptures for a bit, daze then find random things to do. Dad was right though, the office can be exciting. Only the office elders, A.P.'s and the president have cars, and the senior couples. 

Yesterday, on the way to lunch at a members house, we were T-boned. Lots of paperwork for the elder that was driving (my new comp Elder P). but every one is ok with no injuries and the person we hit has been fairly nice, so we will see (actually he hit us, but it was our fault). 

Once the old office elder leaves I will be in charge of all visa papers, and a few other stuff. mostly an office elder is someone who takes care of all the treaba that happens in the mission. My phone is broken, call the office elders, I don't know where something is, call the office elders. Stuff like that. 

E.T. means extra terrestrial mom, haven't you watched the movie? But really it means Emergency Transfer. It can be a bad thing, or an ok thing. Mine was an ok thing, no problems on my end, just needed to fill some holes. And yes, I am with my entire MTC district AWESOME!!! P-days in buc will be super cool, mainly because being in a two man city is hard cause you run out of things to do. I do miss the F family though. It was super hard to say goodbye to them this last week. It is going to happen every time I move cities unfortunately, but that means that I am making great friends for later on in life. 

That is a really funny story about the ice storm, and the fact that you called your A.P.s "apes" priceless! I might have to try it out. I am going to wait til later on in the day to send out some pics of the office so everyone will be here and you can meet the B's they are awesome. Love you all and I keep you in my prayers.

Love Elder Ormsby

Monday, May 20, 2013

Week 27

Well you are all awesome. Sorry, this one will be really short. I got ET'ed to Buc to be an office elder, so I will be driving in the most dangerous city in Europe...that one was for you, Mom :) I will get lots of stuff to you later. I am with all of my MTC district here in Buc and my favorite person in the mission is also here. Along with meeting new missionaries and sending off old ones I will have a great time here. I will be here for at least 6 months. Lots of busy work and almost no missionary tracting. But I feel as if this will be a great new addition to my mission. Also, I received another letter from Uncle N and Aunt E again (go them!!!) I love the stationery that they use, possibly the greatest, especially for a missionary. I also received my first letter from my favorite relative...about time haha. Well enough mystery! I will sign off for now!

Elder Ormsby

Friday, May 17, 2013

Week 26

(MOM):  Please send pictures!  We want to see the castle you visited last week.

(ELDER ORMSBY):  Here are some pictures of my life here in Romania. 

(MOM):  Only one picture of a mannequin in jail?  Did something happen to your camera?

(ELDER ORMSBY):  No, the rest are really uhhhh grotesque and I decided to save them for later.

(MOM):  What about non-gross pictures of you and castles or just you?  You promised pics and only sent one.  Did we miss something?

Note from Mom:  No more emails after that until next week.  Hopefully Elder Ormsby will send some pictures  next Monday.  He doesn't seem to comprehend that we would greatly enjoy pictures of him more than, um......, this.  At least we know he still has his sense of humor.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mother's Day call

A very early Sabbath morning for him.  A very late Saturday night for us.
 15 pounds lighter.  But he does look healthy.
Best Mother's Day ever.  We miss him a lot but are grateful he is serving in Romania.
(Bonus shot - that is his companion in the corner.)

Monday, May 6, 2013

Week 25

Well, unfortunately I cant give you any pictures this time either. We are in a slightly shady cafe and need to wait for the library to open. Its closed because of Easter. Easter is a different time here in Romania. Yes we celebrate the Orthodox Easter. In the whitehandbook it states that Christmas and Easter are the best times for missionary work. It is the opposite here in Romania. People are reminded, at those times, that they are orthodox and become very unreceptive to missionary work. 

But this weekend was really cool. My new companion, Elder R, is awesome. He is so weird and crazy and just an all around funny guy/elder. 

We had the chance to have the President and his wife and the assistants over for interviews. So I really wanted them to have a good meal because I understood how hard it is to be on the road for a week or two at a time and so I made a roast in the crock pot at the church. Unfortunately the plug wasn't working and we didn't know until two hours before they got there. So it was into the oven and a prayer. Really annoying, but it still tasted really good and I feel like they appreciated it. 

For Easter, you can say "Isus a inviat" and then some one will reply "Adevarat a inviat" It means Jesus resurrected, True he resurrected. Which is kinda fun. There are a lot of other traditions, but usually in the East of Romania. I didn't go to the midnight mass because the one that we would have gone to was really small. I really would like to do it next year in a bigger city (but will go even if I am still in Deva). 

Mom, I just want to say how proud I am of you. Every missionary knows what you are doing and that you are the best cook in the world. So you might have some visitors when I get home. Not so sure on the skyping time yet. We are going to find out by Thursday and will let you know ASAP. Love you all and hope all is going well. 

Elder Ormsby