Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 88

Dear Family,

Hey! That was supposed to be my first line! I was going to make a joke about 99 bottles of...root beer on the wall or days left on the mission to be exact, but you beat me to it haha! Life is so good! Life is great! Going to the zone conference in Iasi, I was still a little nervous to meet President and Sora Ivory. Even being a missionary for over a year and a half, I still get slightly nervous when preparing to meet someone new. It was fantastic. I love President and Sora Ivory. President Ivory has a very special way with people and its easy to see why his company has been #1 for twenty some odd years. When he spoke, I felt the fire inside burn brighter than it has in so many transfers. I made a goal with President Ivory to work my last three months of my mission as I did my first three months.  I feel it, just like I used to when I first came out and I had forgotten how amazing it is! There are no words to explain it, but I have a strong testimony that President Ivory has been called of God to preside over the Romania/Moldova Mission at this time.  Sora Ivory is really great too! She is so loving and ready to work as hard as she can. I accidentally called her "Sora Hill" as I was leaving my interview...awkward. Its like calling your teacher at school "Mom"!

Wow, it really is happening. It is weird to think that we will be living in a new house when I get home. Are we going to have a basement? 

The stuff coming out of the covrigi was chocolate. I tried the poppy seed stuff in my first transfer, and it just tasted like dead ants lol.

Oooh Secondborn already knows who he is going to marry, huh? Well, do I get a picture at least? Would you ask him to send me an email and/or you just tell me about EFY?

I would love to give a talk in the home ward. I have already been made aware that I will be talking a lot when I get home. I really hope to talk in a youth conference, I think that would be so awesome! The youth have so much potential and sometimes all it takes is a single question.

I love you all and Ill talk to you real soon,

Elder Ormsby

P.S. Did you ever think that we were supposed to move somewhere besides Utah?

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