Monday, December 30, 2013

Week 59

Dear Family,

Well, if I didn't have such awkward fingers, then the CTR ring would fit nicely. My knuckles are pretty fat, while my fingers are real skinny. It fits on my middle finger, and is kept on by my knuckle haha. 

I bet Secondborn had a really cool experience with B. I loved taking the sacrament to a sister in the old ward who fell and broke her hip. She was always so grateful for us. 

Glad to hear that you weren't hurt too bad. You just had to go and join the club! Your car looks suspiciously like ours out here, only our back right tire was the one that was killed. As soon as I saw the car I thought "Totaled".

Definitely go for the Subaru Forester, it looks like something I can take muddin' when I get back. Just kidding...but really.

Yesterday I wasn't feeling all that hot (actually I was really hot, but that's beside the point) and we didn't get out. I called a few people in our area book and found a few potential lessons. As I sat there thinking about our work, I decided that we hadn't been working to our full potential. So I grabbed Elder A and went to the kitchen. We threw away all our old goals and set new ones. This week will double if not triple all of our numbers for the entire transfer. I am really excited. No more worrying about an apartment, no more dealing with holidays, just missionary work. Prepare yourself first week of January.

This was our week. We started the craziness by greeting the missionaries from Bacau. They came up for the Christmas season so they wouldn't be alone on Christmas.  Monday, we had a few relaxed pday. We just dealt with all the treaba that needed dealing and prepared for the Christmas season. Monday evening, we went caroling to the S family. Their daughter had just left for BYU and their son is legit. They both went on  missions. One to Ireland (I asked if he knew R, but he couldn't place the name) and the other to London. They speak English really well, basically perfect. After caroling, we went back to the church and watched the first Hobbit. I wasn't all that impressed. I was expecting Lord of the Rings and I feel like I got a video game on sandbox mode (see how many of you catch that reference). 

Christmas Eve brought Hobbit 2. This was way OP, but I liked it a little bit better than the other one. I must say that they were both pretty good movies, I just wasn't all that into it. That evening we talked with Elder A's parents. They are really nice. I will have to take a trip down to California with C and visit them (just so I can send a pic to Elder Anderson). It was so weird to see you with Elder H when he got home, so I figure it will be just as funny for him to see it. 

Christmas Morning (early) I skyped you guys. It was so good to talk to you. Question. Why, in the picture book, is The Love Magnet in the hospital? Yearly check up, or did you forget to tell me something? We had breakfast with the other missionaries on Christmas. Elder C dressed up as Santa (so funny, but you will need to steal that pic from another blog). I made your butter syrup. Most of the other missionaries are timid when it comes to trying new things, so I was the only one who put it on all my pancakes. After food, we had a little white elephant exchange. Sora H opened up a chocolate bar and a mini pineapple. Then "Santa" stole it from her. She was so mad! Not a lot happened after that. We went to eat at a members house and sing some carols. It was some of the weirdest food I have ever had. Basically piftiei (meat jello, this one was turkey). It was mostly good, we all survived. Most of the missionaries skyped their families and we played card games. I was working most of the day to make Christmas dinner. Apparently the sisters don't listen when we talk about plans cause they had no idea that we were doing dinner. They had planned to go back home and eat noodles with something (they didn't really know what). As if I would let someone eat something so sad on Christmas. We had a great meal and some really good eggnog (made by one of the other missionaries).

This was our 3 day Christmas report!

Elder Ormsby

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