Monday, December 16, 2013

Week 57


Funny story. All the pictures that you took from other people and put onto the blog were from a different Christmas party. We are in Iasi haha, on the other side of the country! We went up to Moldova for our Christmas party. We had a long Maxi Taxi ride that was less than fun. When we finally reached Chisinau (capital) we were met with a brisk Siberian wind. SOOO COOOLDDD! I feel bad for those missionaries up there, but only for the cold. Moldova is a great place! It was like going from America to Romania. New country, slightly dirty, slightly broken, new language and old communistic...I LOVE IT! We started out our Christmas conference with a short training meeting and then off to hear from the APes and President and Sora Hill. We then hear about some of the mission news and found out that the new mission president is going to be President Ivory.  This guy is one smart dude (can you call future presidents "dude"?) Just as we were about to start the tie and scarf exchange, the power went out. We said a group prayer asking for power while the senior couples rushed the food over to their apartment and then us missionaries started our exchange. Good thing all our cell phones come with flash lights! I got a pretty slick tie, and my 3D tie was a hit. Still in the dark, we started to sing Christmas carols, not by the fire, but again with cell phone flash lights. Finally the lights came on, just in time for dinner and the slide show. We then found out that we would be the only 2 zones in the WHOLE MISSION who wouldn't receive root beer. This is ok, because we are ordering our own (beating the system one step at a time haha). The next day we stayed in Chis to have a Pday. It was cold, windy and awesome. There is so much communistic stuff out there. I am going to go back and get a few pins and what not. I did buy a big fluffy hat that I will have to show you at another time. 

Skype: When do you want to Skype? I can do it any time during the week of Christmas. You tell me when and I will be there. Or at least, what times will be best for you?

Love you lots,

Elder Ormsby

Sorry no pics this week, I forgot my hard drive and my camera. Next week will have lots. 

(Note from Mom:  if any missionary parents were sent pictures of the Iasi/Chisinau conference, would you please send me some pics?  And any other pics of Elder Ormsby and his comp, Elder A, Iasi, and Chisinau.  Huge thanks!)

The villa where the branch meets.

Elder Ormsby on the right.

Apparently, President Hill performed "If I Were A Rich Man" from Fiddler On The Roof , in costume and with great drama.  The missionaries all loved it!

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