Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week 56

Dear Family, 

Sorry this letter will probably be a little short. This keyboard is not making me the happiest camper right now, but here is the run down of the past week, and then maybe I will aswer some of your email.

So my new comp has had one crazy first week. This last week we were preparing lunch when we find out that our water has been shut off. The previous missionaries hadnt payed the bill in a water (much to the anger of one man who gave me a talking to). We are then forced to vacate our apartment as our propriatara (land lady) sent us a text and told us we have 1 week before she kicks us out. She was also unhappy with the way that missionaries had previously treated her apartment. It was a pretty nice place, but it will be good to find a new one. The only problem is that the previous missionaries (the one who found the original apartment 1 year ago) looked for an entire transfer. It really takes a lot of time out of missionary work looking for an apartment. The next fun thing happened when we were in a park. I was on the phone with the ZL's and all of a sudden a man approached us and asked Elder Anderson a question. I hurried and hung up on the ZL's and asked the man to repeat what he had asked. We then proceed to talk about things that really dont matter as he tried to tear us apart. He told us that we need to read the Bible. I replied that I was, in fact, currently reading the bible and I was in isaiah. He said " No, you need to read the Bible, you dont believe in the Bible and as such, you couldnt be reading it." It was a very long and very pointless conversation. I say that only because he wasnt really interested in learning anything about the church, or about us. Mostly he wanted us to "be free". I felt really sad for him and told him as much. Elder A loved it, however. I asked him how much he understood, and he understood a bit of it. My favorite is still what he said. I think I already told you about this last story, so I wont continue. So now we live with the ZL's (this is fine, they live at the church and their apartment is HUGE) and we will be looking for a new apartment this week. Right now we are in a internet cafe, in MOLDOVA! Yup, we finally fled Romania and went to a new country. Only for a bit though. Yesterday we had our christmas party/conference, which was a lot of fun. I will be sending pics next week. We are going to go and buy a chaciula soon, so you will need a picture or two of that. Shout out to Elder Andersons mom who has tasked me with helping him to write good emails and take lots of pictures. My mom can attest that the second one will be near impossible, but we shall see what happens. 

Loves to all who read this,

Elder Ormsby

(Note from Mom:  No pics this week.  I did pull these off of the senior missionaries blog.  huge thanks to them for thinking to document this activity)
(Elder Ormsby far left)

(these incredible senior missionaries cooked a feast for homesick elders and sisters.  According to their blog the meal was ham, potatoes, rootbeer, and pie.  I'm sure that Elder Ormsby was particularly thankful for the rootbeer and pie.)

(These missionaries are saints!)

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