Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 60

Dear Family,

Thank you for clarifying at the beginning of each paragraph what feeling I should expect haha! They fit each line perfectly. I am sorry to hear that the insurance is being a pain. I am glad I never had to deal too much with it while I was in the office. Sorry to hear that your favorite patient had to leave you. Hopefully you will be able to work with him in the near future, but the other story is really cool.  How long have you been working with her? It cant have been very long, so that is a really impressive accomplishment! 

That is Sora L! She is the happiest person on the planet. He first name is _______ (or something close), literally means Sunny! That is so cool that she is in Gs ward. I cant believe that all these people are going home. It is so sad, but life moves on. I think it will be the hardest when my sisters go home. We shall see what we shall see.

Yes! Remind Secondborn to write me, and Thirdborn. I don't remember ever saying that they could stop haha. No pictures for this week. I will tell you why in just a bit. Good for Secondborn for doing the math tutoring. Tell him that his grades are important (say its from me). It probably wont do anything, but eh who knows. 

I am so excited to play bball in the spring. It is so much fun when you are a little bit better haha. Ive been trying to be a more obedient missionary with morning work outs. I am going work on my vertical before summer. 

So, it looks as if my turn here in Iasi has come to an end. I am being transferred to Bacau. It is the weirdest feeling to leave someone you are training, especially since I thought I would have another one with him. I am going to be companions with the missionary branch president. President says that he is "testing the waters". We shall see what that means next transfer. If I stay another one, it means I will be the next BP in Bacau. I am both excited and nervous. It will be like nothing I have ever done before, except when I was working with President F. The other weird thing is that I am going to be traveling by myself on Tuesday down to Bacau. It is a 3ish hour maxi taxi ride, but I will be all alone. It will be the longest time I have been by myself in the last year. Nervous? A little. I might stop a few times to "stretch". Just kidding Mom, no eye rolls now (i hear it now "oh, you little stinker"). 

We met this couple while English contacting that was very good for myself and Elder A. They were a bit hesitant at first, but then opened up. My favorite part was when the wife asked me where I learned to speak such good Romanian. The husband immediately turned to me with a wink and said "From his girlfriend of course!" I had a good laugh and then explained a bit of what we do here as missionaries and who we were.  They were really polite and reminded me why I like missionary work and gave Elder A a taste of acceptance. I really hope that they come to class on the 21st. They would be great investigators. 

With working hard this last week, we were given a great opportunity. On Saturday, R (a member, who is legit) texted us and asked us what our schedule was like. He then forwarded a message from one of his friends. "Anywhere, it doesn't matter. I need to meet with them. I received an answer and I want to be baptized." We met with him that day and he is very prepared. He used to be an investigator 3 years ago and went so far as to pass the baptismal interview. I don't know exactly why he wasn't baptized, but he is ready now. He was very guided during our lesson, even when I almost messed up a part! There are at least 4 potential baptisms here in Iasi for the next few transfers. I am very excited for Elder A and Elder F.

Love you all,

Elder Ormsby

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