Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 55

Dear Family,

Yup, we went and ate at the Bs house! It was so much fun. We were not supposed to be able to go because we were going to leave on a train to Iasi on Wednesday night like normal. However, the office elders weren't able to get the health appointments done and we had to stay an extra day, lucky us! I asked Sora B if we could come over with Sora K and her boboaca (cause its no fun to be alone on Thanksgiving). Sora B was so excited that we would be able to stay. On the day of Thanksgiving, Sora K called me and asked if one other companionship could come over to Sora Bs house, and if she didn't have room then Sora K wouldn't be coming. I also found out that Sora G and her new comp (all of us going to the Bs house had new companions straight from America) would be out on the streets as well. I called up Sora B and basically plead their cases. Sora B is such a saint, I am so grateful that I had the chance to meet her while I was here in Romania. She said that they could all come over, and there was so much food! It was super good.

My new companion is hilarious! We are very much alike in terms of humor and what not. I will include a picture or two (just to keep you happy :)) We went out contacting the other day and as we were ready to get done, a man comes up and talks to my comp as I am on the phone with the ZL's. So I hurry and hang up, only to have him try and rip us apart. It was a very sad experience. I kept feeling so bad for him, he just wouldn't stop with the bashing. We never went anywhere and he walked away feeling like he "won" (no one "wins" in that kind of situation). My comp loved it. He didn't really understand much, but he thought it was great that the guy said that he loved us before he walked away. ELDER A  (I forgot to tell you his name) said "Well, that's nice that he loves us, at least God wont be so hard on him now" haha! First contact in Iasi and we talk to that guy. Apparently he had already talked to the ZL's, who were in the park with us, and did the same thing to them. I think the part that I was most impressed with was when he told me the Book of Mormon contradicts the Bible on every page. So I opened up a page and told him to show me where, or any other page for that matter, when it contradicted the Bible. I have been reading the Bible for personal study. I have come to understand a little bit of what I have been reading and no where does it contradict the Book of Mormon. On the contrary, they compliment each other. So I felt real bad for the guy, and told him that I was sorry he didn't understand. It was quite a lot of fun to be honest. I learned a bit about what I am made of (especially the fact that I understood quite a bit of what he was sayin') and it was just a good little talk for my new comps first time.

Happy Birthday Secondborn and Thirdborn!!!

Sorry this one is so short, we will be going bowling today and we are already a bit behind.

Love Elder Ormsby

Pic: The family

 How many people can the office elevator hold (you really gotta see these elevators Dad)

 Three of the sister trainers (there were five but the moldovans are too cool for us (I think they were in Moldova by that point))

Dogs got dreads here

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