Monday, December 23, 2013

Week 58

Dear Mom,

Haha, no I meant 5pm your time, sorry for the mix up. Would Dad be home by then? IF this doesnt work for you, then you need to email Sora or President Hill so they can call me and we can figure it out.

You will do such a great job as a nursery teacher! Just keep up the good work.

There isnt a whole lot to share this last week. Not a lot happened. We were able to get out and contact more than we have been able to do in the past weeks, which is good. Hopefully we can have a bit of success.

Talk to ya SOON!!!!!

Elder Ormsby

District Christmas Feast

 Romanian and Moldovan money

 Found the shirt and shorts.  Bought the hat.

 Elder A made french toast!
 Sick, so Elder Ormsby bundled up and the comps turned up the heat.

 Caroling with the members.

 More of the district feast.

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