Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 71

Dear Family!

We have had so much happen this last week! I was really excited to go on an exchange with Elder Montoya and get some work done, kinda "rekindle" the fire. You know, go out and just work as hard as we could. Someone else had some other plans in mind, however. We received a call from Sora M's daughter to meet up at the church with Pres. H. We thought it had something to do with financial support. When we arrived, we found out that Sora M had passed away and that her funeral would be tomorrow. Pres. H had to drive to Hungary to pick up his wife and that meant Elder M and I were in charge. Working out all the details, calling members and then preparing for the actual funeral was a very interesting experience. I believe the most stressing part of the whole process was finding out if Sora M had all the required clothes for her burial. We ended up not being able to work that out, but I believe that the Lord understands we tried our hardest.

The next day being her funeral, we finished preparations, translations and what not, and went over to the funeral. It was received quite well by her friends and family (there were so many!) and the Spirit was with us the whole way. Many people thanked us for the service and we were able to show them a part of what we believed of the Plan of Salvation. We might even be doing the No Smoking Program with one of her relatives. 

The day before the funeral, when we were at the cemetery, we saw an orthodox funeral for a young woman. It was one of the saddest things I have ever seen. They had next to no hope of seeing her again. Sora M's funeral was sad, yes, but it was also really happy. Sora L said something that shows the hope that we as members of the church have for those who have left us. "Think about how beautiful she is right now. No more pain. No more hospitals." C, her grandson, said something that stuck out to me as well. When asked how he was doing he simply replied "Grandma is with God in heaven." As if he were saying she is home, or at the store. He knows whats up. I am so grateful for the Plan of Salvation and all that it teaches us.  What a difference it makes in our life, having that kind of knowledge.

I am doing really well. Nothing major to complain about, and a lot to be thankful for. We went over to one of the sisters' investigators' home and had a lesson with the sisters and Elder H. It was such a great lesson and they are such a great family. We shared the Plan of Salvation and I talked about my excitement to see The Love Magnet in heaven, as an exalted and perfected person. Romanians always do the same thing when I tell them TLM has Down syndrome, but by the end of my story, they see disabilities in a different light. This family loves the way we think. It was a long lesson, but I haven't had a better one in my entire mission.

Good job Secondborn on achieving his Eagle award. He will be so grateful that he was able to do that. Now, if he could only write his only big brother who is almost exactly on the opposite side of the world lol.

It is so crazy to think that before the end of this next transfer, we will be skyping again and it will be my last one. Life moves so fast!

Elder Ormsby

Sora M one year ago.  She was a wonderful person.

Helping out in Primary.

Investigator and good friend.

Romanian babies are the cutest!

Drawing "Whalvis".

Elder H tasting some of the pickle brine.

My old stomping grounds and apartment.

Leave your camera around, and you are sure to find a lot of these the next time you check your pictures lol (she is going to kill me, but put it up).  ;)

I'm a good student. 

Our district.

Creepy painting in the hotel room .

Elder M's new companion.

We carried this 100 kg behemoth

up these stairs

 for service.

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