Monday, March 11, 2013

Week 17

SO COOL TO SEE HIM GOING ON A MISSION! I have no idea who the other two are...thing 1 and thing 2? I love that family.  That is so stinking funny about the teenagers, you probably should have called the cops, but oh well.  t was funny to hear cause I could totally see it happening. 

Thanks for answering the questions, it will help with a family we are teaching (i hope). 

This Friday  I will be baptizing an investigator (not ours) and I am really excited and feel incredibly honored to have been asked. The branch is coming along great and we hope to get things moving really soon here. That is really funny to hear about A and S (what language(s) is she speaking?)

 Love you and you will get something from me soon (I hope).
-Elder Ormsby

Again, thanks to the senior missionaries, we have pictures!

 Sora H took this pic of Elder H, Senior Elder H, and Elder Ormsby from her apartment window as they were leaving for an appointment.  I love the normalness of it all.  
 At institute playing a game.  They were instructed to try to get the cookie from their foreheads to their mouths by wrinkling their faces to make the cookie movie.  No hands allowed!
 Elder Ormsby makes it look cool.
Taking a "maxi-taxi" to get to a district conference three hours away.  Some of the branch members were able to catch a ride with the missionaries.
 From Sora H's blog about this picture:
"The tiny little lady to the far right, was one of the speakers.  She tells about how lucky she was when her neighbor was not home and the missionaries that had come by to visit the neighbor ended up knocking on her door.  She was so excited with their message and the joy that came with it.  She is thoroughly delighted with the gospel - and with her life. She just beamed as she spoke.  This little lady was abandoned by her mother at 3 months.  She was left with various people and had a very hard life.  But that part is over and she now has a wonderful family and she has her church family as well.  It was the first time she had spoken to such a large group but she was very happy to have the chance.  It was delightful just to listen.  One thing about district conference is that they have translators - for the benefit of the mission president and his wife and the area representative - and us!  Many wonderful thoughts throughout the conference.  They are quite direct when they give counsel.  Kind of like Elder Uchdorf when he tells folks if they are doing things wrong - Stop it.  Or if something needs to be done - Do it. "


  1. I have to tell you that your son has done (and is doing) you proud. He sang a song with Elder Harrison at our zone mtg a week or so back. Excellent. He gave the grammar principle in District meeting which was VERY helpful to Elder Hunt and I. He gave a very touching lesson in seara de familia on Tuesday night last week. Missionaries, members and investigators were touched. You can tell The Love Magnet that the people in Romania love her too. Then he brought a lovely red velvet cake yesterday, I think for English class, but ended up sharing with the seara de familia. His attitude is wonderful. He's comfortable with the people. He's surprisingly fluent. So, parents and family - as my English teacher would say - You done good. :)

    Sora H.

  2. This just thrills me to pieces. Thank you for letting us know that our son is thriving in Romania.