Monday, January 13, 2014

Week 61

Dear Family,

Well, darn it, buy the Charger of course. I looked at the price, they are almost the same! It looks roomy enough, and...oh just pick the Charger! Haha.  That was a dirty little trick you pulled there. I was like O.O. INSANE! My comp was very impressed with the "new" car.

I need to send Sora B a letter, see if my Romanian is as good as I hope. That's cool that her husband spoke in church. One of the new missionaries was at the temple as they were earthquake proofing the place. He described a similar thing as Bro. B did.

I loved watching The Love Magnet's ballet video. She did such a good job! I cant wait to see some more!

Ive been to E a few times, that's quite a drive for work, are you getting some kind of compensation? It will be cool to branch out though. I actually used E-Stim when I was in Sports Med. It is an interesting little box. It never worked on my legs, N turned it all the way up and nothing. I asked her what should be happening and she said my leg should have jumped out of my hip by that point haha. Too much leg hair (haha I can see the readers faces haha).

Good luck to Thirdborn on his project. Tell Secondborn to give me a type. I want to hear how basketball is going.

Fun story about basketball btws. On Sunday, our newest missionary goes up to the members who stayed a bit afterwards and asks if any of them had referrals. This is one way to get referrals, but in my opinion it doesn't work very well. It is a really scary thing for members to give referrals here. They can be ostracized from their family and friends for doing that. Not just a some people, but everyone. So they all said no. Well, I wasn't going to let his courage go to waste, so I added my own. " Hey, I bet that I could beat all of your friends at soccer (bold statement)!" The member was like "Not possible, but how about basketball?" "Perfect, Ill beat them at both!" It will be fun to see what comes out of it. I gotta hit some courts before our game though, its been a while since august.

My new comps name is Elder L. He is in his 13th transfer. He is currently the BP here in Bacau. Super optimistic, super weird and totally awesome. We have had some strange conversations already, and it can only get better. I don't even know how to explain him. Tall, blond, very funny, has a very big vocal range. We get along really well. Bacau is awesome. I love it. This is something I wrote to a good friend " I love Bacau. Read that last sentence slowly and emphasis each syllable. Bacau is probably one of the greatest cities. 3rd on my list here in Romania. The members here are awesome! They are so loving. They have such powerful testimonies, I love them so much.  Most baptisms last year with 100% retention. I love Bacau." Bacau gets a bad name for some reasons.  Someone tried to shut it down in the past and then made it sound bad, but I am here to testify that it is amazing. I am only a DT for now. President will decide next transfer what he wants to do with the whole BP thing.

Love you all, and Ill talk to ya really soon,

Elder Ormsby

This is the Bacau Creep! My goal is to get a picture of all of them before I leave

Largest Orthodox church in all of Romania, weird place to put it...

 Our church building has some historic value to it...but no one really knows what it is

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