Monday, January 27, 2014

Week 63

Dear Family,

The conference sounds like it was very informative. I hope you had a chance to have a little fun. How long was the conference? Were you paid to go out there, or was it a "pay or own way" conference? It has been super cold here as well. I was going to talk about how nice the weather is while you all freeze over in America. Then the wind hit. It was supposed to be the coldest winter in 100 years, but up until 4 days ago, it was extremely mild. All the old people were wigging out over it. "Tomorrow there will be snow, tomorrow it will freeze". They didn't know what to think of 5 C. Now its a winter wonderland, except I have to walk in it. Remember all of the really really cold days, where you just want to stay inside with a book, a blanket and some hot cocoa? Yup, every day haha,  but we still go out and get work done. This week we had a major goal of 26 hours of contacting. With BP duties, that was a ton! I haven't been so tired in a while. By Sunday afternoon, I was done with contacting. Somehow we went out again and got a few more hours in. We didn't get 26 but we were darn close!

I don't know about fluent, but I have seen an increase in the last little while. We were given permission to watch Frozen in the movie theaters (very appropriate seeing how cold it is and probably a little joke for our President). It was a way good movie, comparable to Tangled, and all in Romanian. I love Disney movies in Romanian. It helps a lot if you have already seen the movie in English, cause then your brain just matches the two, but I understood a good part of it. I was told the songs were better than the ones in Tangled. I will need to see the English one before I can either confirm or deny that fact, but it was still a great movie. 

Unfortunately English classes haven't been going very well. Blame the weather or what you wish, we only have 1 student that isn't a member. The snow has finally stopped, so I hope we see a few new faces tomorrow. The good news is the woman has stayed for both of the spiritual thoughts we have had so far!

We did find a new apartment for the elders and are just awaiting the contract for the apartment.

I haven't been chosen as the BP yet (still have a little time til we are sure), but so far it is pretty similar to Deva. I do the clerk work again and it is pretty simple and straight forward. I haven't seen a lot of the other side (interviews, welfare etc. etc.) but those are some of the things a BP does here.

Answers for the Love Magnet:

My favorite foods in Romania are Sarmale (if made correctly (I have had some really bad luck with it lately)) and Ciorba cu Borta (stomach soup). They are both really good. But I love suc (juice). It is so much better here than in America, hands down, no contest. Mmmm Panda Express....Arby's.....

I am doing my missionary work and trying my best to obey the rules. I listen to my teachers and I know that I am being blessed each day. One can never have too many blessings.

I am so excited to play basketball in the summer! I am going to play with the friends of a member here in Bacau. It is going to be legit! We don't have a place right now cause there  is about 1 foot of snow outside (probably more).

Nope, none of my sisters are with me right now. Sora K is still in Iasi. Sora P is still an STL in Bucuresti and Sora G is with the F family in Ploiesti. Side note, I talked to Fratele F today! He is in charge of all the churches in Romania and sent us a text reminding us of the monthly report. I talked with him for a bit, it was great! Anyways. We are going to be getting sisters here in Bacau next transfer and we need some really good sisters. I am hoping for one of my sisters. It would be so cool! Just Dance Wii will be so fun! You better take lots of pictures!

Like I said, all is good here in Bacau. We found 4 potential investigators by doing some area booking and had a lesson with two of them. They said that they loved the discussions that the missionaries had had with them, but then one day they never came back. Turns out they had gone la tara and got caught in a snow storm. They missionaries were transferred and the people forgotten about. Now they are found again. I really hope they will be able to progress, they are super cool.

Well, that's all for this week!

Love you all,

Elder Ormsby

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