Sunday, September 1, 2013

Week 42 - Transfer Week and Incoming Missionaries

This is the week. The one that office elders prepare for only 1 week after the previous transfer. We are really prepared though. I made sure that I started their papers the week after transfers, right as we got all their info. The only wrench in the engine is a missionary that was placed in the group about 2 weeks ago. Luckily we had almost all his paperwork done, so there wasn't a lot to do, just take in his minister of cults forms and what not. Keep your arms crossed this week for us. Elder W will be my new companion here in the office. I am very happy about this because he is such a capable missionary and will be able to do a lot of good for the office.

It still blows me away, and is very hard to imagine, that there will be ward missionaries in our ward. Even writing the word "ward" is a strange thing. Having youth as ward missionaries is such a good idea though. They will be able to learn so much and will communicate with the younger generation really well. I will send that email ASAP.

We had to move out of our apartment because they are placing missionaries in our area (we are very much north of all the other missionaries). They are starting a group in our area, although we are not invited, and the missionaries need a place to stay and to have "home-base". So we are bunking with the assistants, with five missionaries in one apartment, it will get a bit crazy. Hopefully we can find a new one soon (I will actually be in a tripanionship as there will be another missionary with us on assignment). 

I had the idea to write a few groups of people such as the young men and the elders quorum, I think the sacrament idea is great too.

You're always in my prayers and I love you all very much,

Elder Ormsby

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