Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 41

All the visa work for the past two groups have been taken care of and we are on track for the next group (although it will be a mad rush for 3 days, no sleep on transfer week).

It seems that each new incoming office elder, Elder P is leaving, has to have some kind of crisis. We are receiving 4 new cars next week and the new office elder will have to do all the paper work and then sell all the old cars...its gonna be crazy! We also havent even tried to do health insurance, so it will be a total adventure with the new guy in town. 

Glad to hear that stake conference was so good. I was trying to think a few months back on if we even had missionaries in our ward specifically. It is going to be a crazy time for all the new missionaries and also the President of the Mission. 

Our President requested 18 more sisters and it was approved. Over the next 6 months they will be arriving, already we have 14 coming in the next 5 with only 6 leaving in that time period.

 It is so cool to hear about all the work that is happening in the ward. Good members for member present lessons are hard to come by, anywhere I am assuming. It will be great to have a class that tells you what you should do and what you should in no way shape or form even think about doing...cause its wrong haha. Bless the hearts of all the Romanian members. 

Dont worry too much about going to over to the [neighbors], but if you see them, give them a nice wave or say hello. Let The Love Magnet run over to them, stuff like that. All things start small. If you feel inspired to do something, ask God if this is what He wants you to do. If you get a good feeling, go for it. If not, ask Him what He does want you to do.  

It is so crazy that school is already starting, the mission/summer/winter/spring/basically everything has gone by so fast. Soon I will hit my year mark and then what? I dont know what President would do with 250 missionaries, thats almost double what we have now. Over such a large mission it would be crazy!  Love you lots!

Elder Ormsby

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