Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Week 43

Glad to hear that your thesis paper has gone through. What an achievement this is! 

Someone was asking me if The Love Magnet was still doing hip hop class, I will have to give them the affirmative now. I can see The Love Magnet sitting in the back saying "Not right now, I need a break". I know that she is having a blast!

I have not heard of this book [The Power Of Everyday Missionaries], and as of right now I don't have a lot of time to read outside material, but I will definitely look at it when I get time. I have a printed copy of Temple and Cosmos by Hugh B. Nibley that I would like to start, but it will probably have to wait until December. Its not that big of a book, but to really get his words I will need to have some "down time" (missionaries never have down time haha).

It makes me really happy that you have started up FHE. I know that it can be really difficult to match every one's schedule, but it will help the family out so much.


It is so cool to hear how much missionary work has grown in the past year (crazy! its almost been a year!!!!!) out in [Idaho].  I'll bet that Brother H is doing a great job as a ward mission leader. It is so interesting how different missions are. Idaho and Utah are not finding missions. They have a lot of members who can give out a lot of referrals. It is less effective to go tracting than it is to talk to members. Here it is the exact opposite. We are a finding mission. We cant take that 1 out of 3 people, we take the 1 out of 3000. It will be interesting to talk to different people about their mission and how they reacted to different situations. 

That's rough about Grandpa. I haven't received any letters from them since the MTC. Granted I haven't been the greatest writer in the past, but I do have a goal to write 10 letters this transfer. It will almost be more than I have written my whole time here in Romania! I will keep Grandpa in my prays and I know the Lord will do what is best. He has done a lot of great work for our ancestors.

The Temple. Don't take it for granted! The one thing that I miss more than all of you is the Temple. Which, to me, is kind of a strange feeling. I have grown up seeing multiple temples within 30 minutes of each other, or at least one within 20 minutes (Boise). I never took the time to really appreciate how special it is to have a temple close to you. What a blessing that is! To have a House of God near by, with the opportunity to help so many people is something that many people long for outside of America, and Utah for that matter. Go to the temple. Enjoy the temple. 

Something President Hill has said is this "All people inherently want to be obedient. The only reason people are disobedient is because they don't understand why they need to be obedient."
As I start to apply this thought into my everyday life, I am slowly (oh so slowly) learning to have a bit more patience with people.

Elder Ormsby

p.s. The package arrived well without needing any further payment

 Elder Ormsby asked Thirdborn to do companionship study with him via email.  It is tradition for new companionships to buy matching ties.  So Thirdborn picked out this tie and sent it to Romania.  Elder Ormsby sent back the picture to show what he thought of the tie.

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