Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Week 44

(No email on Monday....)

(On Tuesday...)  sorry, it was real busy yesterday. I will try and write you tonight or tomorrow.

(Later Tuesday...)  One of our skype investigators was baptised last Saturday. These are the pictures. We are very grateful for the Czech sisters who helped a lot with C.

Vârstnicul Ormsby

(Today...) That is so weird to think that we have missionaries in the ward now. I know that we had some that traveled from ward to ward, but now they stay in that Idaho, where there are a lot of wards...wait, maybe i understood that wrong. That would be a ton of missionaries. I would love to be in the class with P and B. P has a ton of great stories! Glad that Sora B got her martisor. Who is Sister M? I have forgot many of the people in our ward, unfortunately. Last week was great. We haven't found an apartment yet, but we are still looking. Office Elder stuff is going fine. You should have received some pictures already from one of our skype lessons. I am surprised that you haven't sent an email in all caps ahah.

Hey Dad, 
That would be way cool if you started your own company. Whatever happened to that brake design? When is the next time you will have that retreat for your company?  

I really loved going to the games with you. It was a great way to see a small part of what you do (watching the game from the roof wink wink, nudge nudge). Mostly though, it was a chance to hang out with my dad, which is something that I really miss right now. Hindsight 20/20.

Tell Thirdborn and Secondborn to write me!

Elder Ormsby

 The district

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