Monday, September 30, 2013

Week 46

Wow that is so crazy to think that M...Sora...Seestra...Hermana? B is already in the MTC! It was so cool to see all those people. Glad to know that everyone is still alive haha.

(Concerning pictures Mom sent from another senior missionary blog) I was actually the one to take those photos at the mission home with all those senior couples. We picked up the food for them and were just in time to hear the final testimonies. When you walked in, you could feel the Spirit, almost like a blanket. President Hill bore his testimony as well. He talked about the hard work of the senior  couples and then about the missionaries. He didnt know that me and my companion were there, so what he said about the missionaries was very special for me. He said that the Romania Moldova mission has some of the greatest missionaries he has ever met. Now, if he had said that to a room full of missionaries, some would state that he only said it to boost their spirits. The fact that he said it without knowing that we were there, and with the Spirit in the room, there was confirmation of the love that President Hill has for all the missionaries. It made me want to work harder and to be a better missionary in general. 

(The picture Elder Ormsby took of the senior missionaries.  He thinks so highly of these people.  God bless the senior missionaries - their service is beyond price.)

The statue in Piata Revolutiei is such a strange thing. No one can really say what it is or what it means, but there are some people who say that it represents a "piercing of the conscience". There were a lot of people killed during the Revolutionary war. They wanted to remind the people of the horror of it all. The red stuff, we think, is an "after touch". 

(from the senior missionaries' blog)

I am very jealous that you were able to go to the temple. What a blessing! So cool that the E's were sealed in the temple. It makes you think about the eternal family, how we can be together forever. What a blessing it is to know that. Not even death can pull you away from your family as long as you follow God's plan.

I will be talking to President on Tuesday to find out what the plan will be for the upcoming transfers. I can't think of any other reasonable solution than to stay an extra transfer. 

Elder G is a great missionary. He is very close to being done with his mission (31 days) and he has had some health problems, but is still working!

I havent gotten any of those pictures from Sora L (she took all the pictures, it cost 35 lei per camera), but I will get those to you ASAP.

Love Elder Ormsby

P.S. Will you please ask E to write me.

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