Monday, March 4, 2013

Week 16

Anyone who is going on a mission and is reading this, follow the white handbook and the rules of your mission president, they are there for a reason. To those same people, I want to tell you a little trick that the Adversary is going to try and play on you. On your mission you will feel frustration. This can be good if you use it to change what you don't like and then become better. It is when that frustration becomes discouragement that it becomes a bad thing. Satan will try and make you feel angry, self-pity or discouraged. If you feel these things, know that you are stressed and you aren't going to help anyone like that. Take a half hour and figure out what is bothering you, change it, pray for help, ask for help from your companion and then take a moment and relax. It is better that you take half an hour instead of a whole day. Know that God loves you, your mission president loves you, and just to throw it in there, I love you. Have fun on your mission.

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