Monday, February 25, 2013

Week 15

That is so cool about Adam, I bet Grandpa was really excited too. They will both be able to speak French by the time he comes home, although his will be a little different.

Life here is really good, we had mission conference as you know and Elder Richards talked a lot about obedience and referrals. Good thing I have the best companion in the world. I prayed for a companion who would work me really hard and be diligent in all things, and I received it. Elder H is a rockstar here in the Romania/Moldova mission. He is known for his work ethics and everyone loves Elder H, or H as some of the Romanians call him.  Hopefully he rubs off on me a little bit in the next 4 months.

I cant wait to hear about Adam in the MTC, tell me his email, so I can write him a time or two. When does Steph enter in? Or is she already in? OH how is Steph our neighbor? If you haven't seen her in a while, will you just see how she is, take the Love Magnet. Tell her I just wanted to know how she is and then tell her She needs to write me. 

If Dad doesn't get better soon, call up the home teachers. Some of the things that I have come to appreciate here in Romania are: water I can drink from the tap, dishwashers, dryers, elevators that don't scare me when I get in them, ovens with a temp gauge, home teachers and other church callings. We are trying to get things running here in Timi. Right now Timi is jogging, before we leave it will be at a dead sprint. Any ways, call up the home teachers and ask them to give a blessing to Dad, Secondborn and Thirdborn if he needs it. I have learned that it blesses not only the person receiving  but also the person giving. You are depriving those people of the blessings that come from giving a blessing when you think you are wasting their time or dont want to bug them. I learned this in the MTC, understand that you are not bugging someone who holds the priesthood when you are asking for a blessing.  The Priesthood, when worthy, is to be used. Not saved for another time, it doesn't really work that way. Hopefully what I am saying makes sense. Don't be afraid to ask for  a blessing pur si simplu. Love you all and I hope you guys feel better soon.
Elder Ormsby

Thanks to the senior missionaries for the pictures 
 Bowling Youth Activity.  Most of them had never bowled before.  The missionaries had to show them how.
Elder Ormsby kept his coat on.
The whole group at the Youth Activity.  Only one was a member, the rest are investigators.
 Missionary concert.  The district from Arad joined in.  Elder Ormsby participated in an Acapella Quartet.

 Missionary choir.
 Must have been the missionaries' idea.  It looks like the Romanians aren't quite sure what to do.
The audience for the music concert.

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