Monday, March 25, 2013

Week 19

Not a lot to say this week. I am here in Deva, a much smaller city than Timisoara. We only have one family in the branch, but they are so solid, it is amazing. They have a little boy with mircofibro...I forget. Micro something. The mom, Sora F is going to write you pretty soon, if she hasn't already, Mom. They are really cool, super funny and totally commited to the work here in Deva. 

My comp is slightly crazy, in a good way. We are nervous to be in a new area and slightly apprehensive, but ready to go  out and do some work. We have a few potential people that sound promising, so we shall see if we have a slightly larger lead than I thought. 

The language is still going, still waiting to understand people. Its finding the balance between concentration and just letting it flow over you. But I really am grateful for the chance that I have to be in a new city with a new comp. Although I will really miss the people that I knew, both missionaries and others, I am grateful for that feeling because it means that I made great friends and that I worked hard in Timisoara. There should be some really great potential here in Deva.

K gotta go bye

Elder Ormsby

The building rented for church services in Deva.

The missionary apartment in Deva.  A lot of room in there for two missionaries. 




One last picture pirated off the Senior missionaries' blog:  a last Young Men activity to play lazer tag with the missionaries.

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