Thursday, January 3, 2013

Week 7 - pictures only

(Note from Mom:  No email this week, just a lot of pictures Elder Ormsby downloaded.  The Love Magnet (Elder Ormsby's little sister) asked her brother to send pictures of the MTC.  She wanted to see what his room looked like, what the food looked like, and who his friends were.  The Love Magnet has Down syndrome and doesn't quite understand the whole gone-for-two-years thing.  She does understand what missionaries are.)

The Love Magnet reads about the sister missionaries in the district and thinks that means they are her new sisters.  She was so excited, she has been asking if we could have sisters in our family for a long time.  We sent a care package of The Love Magnet's favorite treats to the sisters.  This pic was pulled from one of their blogs.

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