Monday, January 21, 2013

Week 10 - First letter from Romania

Well Bună Ziua from this side of the world! 

Well I know that it is 5 am there so I will make this quick. We are here in Timişoară and I am loving it here. The people are really friendly and there is so much potential here. We met three college students here at the Cămin, student housing. They are all pretty solid, studying Computer Science. I really hope that things will be able to progress. Unfortunately, students have exams coming up so it will be harder and harder to get a lesson in.  We were white washed in the area of Timişoară (ask Dad) and then on top of that we had no investigators and no less actives. But we have been blessed with those three and one other. 

It has been a stretch for me not only talking to everyone, but attempting to do it in a different language. Giving out cards on the street is slightly frustrating because you have to say it fast or not at all. Hey Salut, Oferim cursuri gratuite de limbă Englezia. But say that really fast with people walking around you and talking really fast. But let me tell you something. Romania is amazing. There is no way that you can understand that by reading a site or hearing stories. Its been decided, we can all come back here something in our lifetime, cause I know that I will.

 The members here are so funny, patient and just plain solid. There are few, but they can all be described like Peter. They are solid. I hope that you can access the dedicatory prayer for Romania and Molodova, cause they promise some pretty awesome stuff. I hope to be a part of those promises and I know that they can be achieved through the Lord. 

By the way, If the are any spelling errors its because my brain is moving towards Romanian, so no making fun of it. 

OH my trainer is Elder H, who knows BETH AND ROGER!!! He is older than Steph and younger than Spencer, but went to the same school as them in Brigham City and was at the Farewell/Homecoming of Spencer or Tyler. He is awesome. Super patient and just a rockin' Elder. I have high hopes for this companionship. It was kinda hard saying goodbye to the old district, but luckily one of the sisters was able to come to Timi with our group. There are only six of us in Timi, but I know we will be able to get work done. 

Sorry I wasn't able to talk in the Amsterdam airport, it was going to be a $10 call for 4 minutes and I didn't have time to exchange my money. We were snowed in for an hour and then we were off to Romania. Midflight (by the way only had about 2ish hours of sleep total and maybe 3 the night before) I was almost asleep when I hear "Help help, oh somebody help!!!" Turn around and this lady's husband isn't breathing. Already up is Sora P and then all of a sudden he's fine. Awake and everything. Who knows what happened, but it was something you never expect to happen on your flight. 

Oh, and airplane food in Europe, while still airplane food, is so much better than peanuts cookies or pretzels  Think cheese and tomato croissant sandwich, beef and potatoes, breakfast.  It was so weird,  they fed us dinner (beef and potatoes) and then an hour later, woke us up for breakfast. Not that there was much sleeping for this Elder right here. Oh well, I'm fairly over jet lag, only took about two days or so, but it didn't hit me nearly as hard as some other missionaries.  

Alright family, this is all for now, but I will talk to you all soon, love you.

Elder Ormsby

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  1. This is awesome!Timisoara is the second largest city in Romania! Yeah plane food is better in Europe, imagine me going to America and being served peanuts. Give your best and rely on the Lord and everything will be fine. You guys were awesome!