Monday, January 28, 2013

Week 11

Ok so we have all heard everyone say that their mission is the best and how everyone else told them that theirs was the best and so on, but that's just because they haven't been to Romania. I love it here. The people of Timişoară are fantastic and so nice. They just accept what you give them with a polite thank you very much and either continue on their way or else they stop and listen. 

The members here are fantastic. There aren't very many, but the ones that are here have great testimony. They are all very patient with the new boboc and are just a great group of people. I love each and every one of them. 

So, everyone who has been on a mission has had this moment come to them at some point in their mission. One of the days last week, it was ridiculously hard to wake up. Then there was a lot of rocks in the road. People were just saying no, and not listening at all and one of our investigators wasn't progressing. Anyways, I was a little down, and I just thought "Come on, give me someone to teach that's all I want OK, Its not a lot, just something" the thought then came to me of a talk that Elder Bednar gave at the MTC the Christmas before I was there. He stated that we need to have patience, that sometimes we follow the thought process of a beloved blue monster on a childrens tv show. "I want cookie NOW!!!" Sometimes we say "I want investigator NOW!!!" "I want baptism NOW!!!!" Have patience and know that God hears your prayers.  So I took the hint, I said "ok, I get it, how about a little sign, just something to lift my spirits, how about a pink hat. Show me a pink hat and then Ill know that I am doing the right thing and that you care" It was a really hard day ok. So my companion, the ever faithful Elder Harrison, decided to go Block Knocking. Its this thing that we missionaries do when we go door to door in an apartment building. Anyways, I decided that block knocking again didn't sound fun and so I was trying to steer us to Centru, the town square, to go and get some chocolate pretzels  He pulls up short and points out a block. "That one." Ok, so we go and attempt to get in by ringing up to someone. First one tells us its late (730?) and that we shouldn't talk to people at this time. Next one no answer. Third one however buzzed us up. So we go up and knock on the door and are LET IN!!!! We had a really great lesson and left a Book of Mormon with him and his roommate. 

As we were coming home, and I was saying my thanks to my Heavenly Father, we saw someone that looked similar to a gentleman who asked us for a Book of Mormon and a lesson, but gave us the wrong number on accident. We had been looking for him and praying to find him. I told Elder Harrison, "If this is Ioan, it will be too much" AND IT WAS!!! We set up for a lesson and he gave us his address. It was fantastic and really shows that the Lord does love us, we just need to be humble and ask him for help when we are feeling down. 

The next day, it was brought to my attention that as we were walking home, Sora Kelly contacted a lady with a pink hat...I love this work. It really is hard, but everything that is worth doing in this life is hard. I love you all so much and hope that you can read this and understand the little things in life.

Elder Ormsby

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