Thursday, January 10, 2013

Week 8 - Get ready to leave for Romania

Well its been a while everyone, almost 2 months to be exact and the time has come to say goodbye to the MTC. We are heading to ROMANIA!!! So apparently the new group of Romanians that came in about 3 weeks ago said that they googled Romania when they received their call. Would you like to know what popped up? Yup it was the Youtube video of me opening my call and this if you happen to have just received your call and don't really know what to expect when you hit the MTC let me just give you a little heads up. You have the coolest teachers ever! There is no comparison, there aren't any substitution, I'm sorry if you think that I'm wrong, but I'm not. 

You have Fratele B who is amazing at relating to the missionaries and great at making sure you understand the things that are being taught. He makes sure that everyone is happy and there aren't any contentions in the group and helps to smooth it over if there are any. He would also be the reigning champion at charades if we played that here at the MTC. He makes every single story from his mission incredibly funny through all of his gestures and facial features. 

Then you have Fratele V who is from Romania. His humor is out of this world. If you think he is laughing at you, just know that he is actually showing how much he loves you, and he probably is laughing at something you said. Such as Porcent instead of Procent. One has pig in the word and one means percent and only one of those has meaning to the Law of Tithing hahaha. He has a lot of great ideas on how to teach and wont beat around the bush when telling you of something that you shouldn't do on your mission. 

Then you have Sora W who cares about you very much. We were one time learning how we say we wake up or go to sleep and the times and we (sisters and elders) told her that we weren't exactly on the ball. She sat there, quite and thinking and then pulled out the white handbook. She made us promise to get to bed on time and/or wake up on time, and at the time it made me slightly angry. But then I realized exactly what she was doing, she didn't yell at us or berate us, just simply told us that we would be blessed. She knew of the promises of exact obedience and loved us enough to correct us in our behavior. 

Then there is Fratele F, that brother is so excited and happy when he teaches, you can only be excited and happy about learning and going out to learn. It is so much fun listening to him talk about all of the things that we can do and how cool it is that we have the power and authority to do it.  He has made me want to be a better missionary and gives plenty of great reasons to be here on a mission. 

You also have Sora W and Fratele S. Unfortunately I wasn't taught by Fratele Sandberg, but Sora Whiting would occasionally come into a lesson. She is very patient and good at asking questions that make you think about what you just learned about. That's all the Romanian teachers and I want  you to know that I didn't give them justice in this blog. I guess you'll just have to come and learn from them yourself here at the MTC. I know that I have had such a good time here at the MTC and I cant wait to go out and experience it.

In only 3 days 12 hours and 13 minutes I will be on the bus heading for the airport, and only 23 hours later I will be in Romania. I cant wait to email/write you all from Romania and I hope and pray you are having a great Thursday.

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  1. Elder Ormsby
    What a great thing it has been to read your blog and your experiences in the MTC. I thought I had more time for you to be in the MTC so I could send your some cookies. My bad...but I already have international stamps ready to send you letters from our family. We love you and pray for you every day.