Monday, August 18, 2014

Week 92

Dear Family,

Wow, it sounds like you have having a very crazy time! The house looks really nice and I am so grateful that everything has finally started to go through. I asked a few of my really close mission friends to add that to their prayers, so good job team!

Not a lot has gone down here in Bacau. We are still trying to figure life out with all this new freedom. President has asked us to move away from the standard blocs and street contacting (not really, but at the same time). I feel like I am in a box that is way too big, and I have no idea where to start​...creativity is not my strongest point.
We just got our water turned on this last week, and that has been such a relief. Oh ya, I forgot to tell you guys. So last transfer the ZLs were out of money (normal) so we didn't pay our water bill till they came down. They payed the bill and then took the original receipt with them for finances. Well, we got a huge bill a few weeks later and then all of a sudden we have a guy at our door saying he is going to turn off our water if we don't give him a 50 ron bribe. I am not down for giving bribes (it causes problems later when more people expect it), so I told him no and Elder M and I lived without water at our house for the rest of the transfer. We paid the bill in full the next morning (after the bribe guy) and the lady told us to wait for 5 business days.  Well, Elder C came and we waited the five days, then five turned to seven and we were getting tired of not being able to shower at our house (I should clarify, we were showering and what not at the church). We finally went back to the bill lady and she laughed as she said we were supposed to go write up a cerere, a request, for them to turn our water back on. Oh my headache haha! After a lot of travel and no water, we finally came home to our water turned on. I will have to send you the video. Water is one of those things that you never think about being an amazing blessing, but you try living with out it for 2 weeks and you will see differently.

That's about all I got. Have a great week and I will see you soon!

Elder Ormsby

Elder O walking ahead of the group.

locals washing their car

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