Monday, June 2, 2014

Week 81

Dear Family,

The weeks are just flying by! Lol, why didn't you put up my last email? Maybe ill send you a replacement so we have every week haha. Life is pretty much the same. The weather feels just like home. Hot, then cold, then hot, then rainy. I am just waiting for snow and it'll be identical (except the humidity, that stuff is the worst!). The BP thing is going pretty good. Its very draining, so I am tired pretty much all the time. Maybe some R&R in Chisinau would do me some good. We are heading up there on Sunday and hopefully coming home on Tuesday (travel Sunday, zone conference Monday, pday Tuesday). Itll be Elder M's first time in a different country in 9 months, so he is in for a treat. I love Basarabia (republic of Moldova). There is just a special feeling in the air. Excitement at being in a different country.

We have been seeing a lot of "drills." Other than that, there is no difference in Bacau. 

Fun fact: Romanians melt like the Wicked Witch of the West in the rain. Yup. Ive never seen it, but once it starts to rain, there is nobody on the streets...literally not a single soul. 

Welding would be really fun and free just makes it all the better!

Saying goodbye to the Soras was interesting. I kept feeling like I was supposed to leave with them. I entered the MTC with them, I should be leaving with them too...right? It was kinda funny (and I hope they read this), but they barely even said goodbye! I called them and had about 3 minutes each...buggers.

I pray everyday that you will find a good house that will fit your needs and the needs of the kids. Don't worry, the Lord works on His time.

I love you all. Make sure you are going to the temple LOTS!!!!! I cant wait to go back, its such a blessing to have so many, so close.

Elder Ormsby

basket ball with the district

Elder M looks like a brown-haired version of Elder O

Did P-day wear them out?  Playing basketball against the sisters, I wonder who won?
He did say he was much more tired lately.

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