Monday, November 4, 2013

Week 51

Dear Family,


It is so awesome to think about the fact that you have finished with your Masters, you have finished your thesis AND passed the darn thing. Good job!

I was going to send you pictures, but we are at a sketchy cafe, and I dont feel safe plugging in my hard drive (ps I purchased a hard drive. The new mall opened and they had a great deal. 1TB for 300 lei! Hey Dad, do you remember when the GB was "big". Hahah that wasnt too long ago, imagine what the next 5-10 years brings). 

I was able to go to the US Embassy. My companion needed something notarized the American way. Sora B (a member who works at the embassy) gave us a tour after he had his paper notarized. The embassy sounds like a really cool place to work. I will admit that it has been on my watch list since coming to the mission. While we were there I found Franks Hot Sauce. You better believe that I bought it. We had wings that night...So good!

My new companion's name is M, he is from Iasi and he is super cool! I can already tell that it is going to be an interesting transfer. I dont understand Romanian too well, so this will be a great chance for me to improve! He barely speaks any English  so we only speak in Romanian. Yesterday at church was my first time translating from English to Romanian. That is SO much easier. Everyone says it is the opposite, but since when have I been on the norm of things.

Being a district leader is super fun. I love teaching District Meetings. We have gone over the talk by Bruce R. McConkie "the Purifying Power of Gethsemane" and also about prayer. The first few nights were a bit difficult cause I forgot to call my sisters until a little later than normal. I think I have the hang of it now though. 

We havent found anything that can match a world qualifying match. Hopefully we can find something fun though.

Dad, I am the same way. It is super hard for me to connect with people on the streets. If I can have a lesson or two with them, or if I meet them a few times, then it isnt so hard. I much prefer talking to people in blocs (huge cement/communistic apartment buildings). I dont know why, but it is easier for me to approach someone at their door, than to talk to them on the street. Mihai has the desire to talk to people on the streets though, so it will be good practice for me.

Well, mie foame and we still have an hour til the sisters get done with their emailing (I am pretty sure they are trying to write a novel or two )and we can go to pizza hut. Love you all!

Elder Ormsby

"The Purifying Power of Gethsemane", Bruce R. McConkie
April 1985 General Conference

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