Monday, October 28, 2013

Week 50


Ok here is the low down. Four days ago I was prepared to start this email with "Well, looks like I am returning to the office." I hate to say it, but it was such a sad couple of days. The week before I had written President telling him that I am so glad to be out of the office and how hard it was for me. So when he told me that I would be returning to the office for a month I wasn't a very happy camper, but I was prepared to do the best that I could. He then talked to me yesterday with a new plan. Instead of returning to the office, I will have mini missionary from Iasi. A native companion. I'm a little nervous, but think about how this will help my language! It will be so cool! I will still be here in the Aviatiei district in Bucuresti, and we will be full time pros missionaries again! 

Sad news on a temporal level. We were supposed to go to the World Qualifying match between Romania and Greece. The tickets were bought, enough for all of Mihai Bravu and the office elders (including me). I felt really bad, however, that the sisters in our district would be left out. I called President, got permission for them to come and then tried to buy tickets for them and my new comp (i wasn't the one who bought them initially so I wasn't in charge of how many were purchased). SOLD OUT! Except for the 400-600 Ron VIP Tickets. Cant afford that on a missionary budget. Oh well, us missionaries in the Aviatiei district need to find something fun to do.

I am so glad that your Thesis defense went well! That is so good to hear! I am glad that Dad was able to go and support you during your thesis. I laughed a bit when you said that the committee said that they had never seen that before. I have kept you in my prayers with that. When do you find out the results?

So this makes me a little bit upset. The propriatar and his family were taken from us rather abruptly. One of the other missionaries in Bucuresti came up to us as I was talking to a member and basically said "I have sat with them for three Sundays, they are my investigators, your bad". Granted this investigator lives in a different part of the city and we go to the group instead of the chapel, but we were teaching him because of the relationship we had formed while getting that apartment (we gave it to the sisters). It took me the rest of the day to calm down. They were such a cool family and we really like them. I really hope this missionary is ready to work for them.

 Elder P is fine haha. He will do a great job in the office.

Secondborn hasn't written me about Sadies much less a meth head. Give him a little nudge, would ya?

(Mom's note:  we found out about a meth bust two doors down, someone was using meth in a car when busted.  Then last night, someone high on drugs approached Secondborn, asking for a drink.  This is really unusual for our neighborhood.)

Glad to hear that work hasn't been too crazy for ya. "No news IS good news".

I cant believe that Grandpa and Grandma would do that! I was getting ready to write a lot of letters (I am so bad at writing in the field), so I will definitely write them and tell them thank you. That is such a blessing.

Haha! Why would you let Mom watch the Saratov Approach? We were talking about that movie the other day and it sounds really good. Reviews? Did you like it?

I love you all and I am so grateful for the support that you have given for me. Keep me in your prayers, cause you know that you all are in mine.


Elder Ormsby

(The following pics from Sora Polatis' blog.  Where's Elder Ormsby?  He is there if you look hard enough.)

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