Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 39

Sounds like you have been visiting Utah a lot this summer, have to say I am a bit jealous. I am surprised Dad didnt try and get you to fish in the rain, thats good stuff right there. Is Secondborn going to be doing basketball as well? I am glad that he is going to be swimming again, I really miss it and I would like to do the masters program when I get back, or maybe just swim laps...nah, I miss the competition of it all. What do you mean about battle wounds? I am sure that Secondborn had a blast at Jackson Hole and its cool that L's ward let him go with them on the youth retreat. B's family is really special. They show a lot of Christ-like attributes. I am sure that it would be a challenge up at girls camp, but if anyone could do it, E would be the one.

The pictures didnt make me homesick, but it did make me want to go to the cabin. Just another thing to add to the list when I get home. Some of the cousins sent up a letter while they were up there, and that was really cool. Lagoon would be another cool place to go! Its going to be a long list, hope you can keep up when I get back. I will have to tell Secondborn to hurry it up on his email so I can hear about this conference. It is so cool that he was called as a ward missionary. It will be so good for him and for all the other youth that have been called upon by the Lord and by Bishop B. It will be a really rough few weeks for him, seeing as how he hasnt swam in forever, but I know he will get through it and then do well. I had heard rumors that there was a new temple video. If there is one thing I miss that is very high on the list is the temple. I never thought I would miss something so much. It was always there and I never used it to the extent that I could have. I wont make that mistake anytime soon. If I only go once a month it had better have been a ridiculously busy month. I will make sure to keep grandpa in my prayers. How is grandma mildred doing? You also havent sent me any info on Sister Hinds, have you found anything out?

Romania is one of the best places on earth. Its crazy and hectic and I will probably never live in a big city with a family, but it is the best. 
What can I say about Romania? It is very much greener than it is in Idaho or Utah.
The people here speak romaneste. I love speaking Romanian, but its pretty hard for me to listen and understand them.
KFC has a garlic sauce that is amazing and should be brought back to the States.
The drivers here are way crazier than anywhere else, but are much better drivers as well.
Police officers will go to intersections that have the lights working just to do something.
When lights aren't working its a mess and no officials are to be seen.
Romanians have the perfect way of thanking people on the road, they blink their hazards a few times to say "thank you" or    "I am sorry for being so dumb".
Ciorba is much better than soupa which is better than soup.
McDonald's is truly in every country on earth, even Moldova has one.
Casa Poporului is a massive building and shows a bit of the power of a dictator.
Everyone is Orthodox or Pocaiti, which means everyone who is not Orthodox.
The senior couples in the office are awesome (as are all the senior missionaries that I have met).
The Bakers work with us everyday.
Elder Baker was a professor at BYU and has given a speech and written many books.
Sora Baker doesn't eat sugar, but will make treats for you. She is also a voice of reason to some of my more "out there" plans.
Sora Oroz is a native and is one of the funniest Romanians I have ever met. One of her favorite things to do is drop a little water on the carpet around you and then say "why did you do that, do you need the bathroom?"
Romanian-Orthodoxism is Romanian culture.
Sora Gorzo, the sweet member who feeds us, loves the missionaries. She also knows every piece of gossip/rumor in the mission field. She charges us 10 lei to eat at her house. Its usually worth it.

I dont really have any pictures from this week, sorry. I will try and do something really exciting/picture worthy this next week. We will be bringing a bunch of missionaries down so that they can get visas so wish me luck and pray for me (more on the prayer side, luck is imaginary).

Love you lots and lots and your all in my prayers.

Elder Ormsby

 (From Google Images:  the Romania Arc de Triomphe)
 (from Google Images Casa Poporului.  Click here to learn about it.)
(Picture and explanation from Elder P's blog:  "A little shrine the guards of our building made out of pictures they cut out of some our pamphlets. It was hilarious the first time I saw it. I looked into the guard room and thought, wow, that doesn't look like an Orthodox picture of the Savior... Then I looked closer and saw that they had taken a few of our proselytizing pamphlets and cut out all of the pictures of Christ to make a little shrine-lookin thing. I barely made it to the elevator before I just cracked up laughing. At least we know they love Christ now. The senior couple in the office, the Bakers, always talk to them about the gospel whenever they get the chance. Missionary work can happen in the most unusual ways!"

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