Monday, April 22, 2013

Week 23

Mom - That is super cool that you were able to go to California for a conference, and then become a missionary as well. Bravo ție!  Just know that your example is the best way to be a missionary. It is a way for everyone you meet to come to understand the gospel. Everyone knows who you are, if not exactly by name, but that you are a representative of Christ. Especially in the States, they know who you are and what you should be doing. Show love, kindness and patience and a seed will be planted. Think of the pioneers. They would plant seeds on the trail knowing that they would never see the fruits of their labors, but they did it out of their love for their fellow man. 

That is super cool that you have been able to move along on your projects. I have had an idea about something, but you will have to wait for 1 1/2 years before you get to know what it is. How is that for vague? Keep up the good work and don't forget you always have someone next to you who knows exactly how you feel. 

P.S. Mom you are an international star. I have talked to a few people and one of our English students said that he looked me up and found the blog and also the video of you. He said "I watched the video of when you opened up your assignment to the church and your mom was crying and read before you. But your face had no emotion, I couldn't tell what you thought of your going to Romania" Ha ha, well how is that for getting the word out. It is funny because some of the missionaries in the group below me also saw the video and read the blog. And about a month ago a soon to be elder from Arizona read the blog and sent me a letter to ask  me about Romania and other stuff. That is amazing that people can be influenced from a video and a blog. Missionary work is so cool!!

 Thirdborn, I will be sending you a post card next week, but it wont be Dracula's castle. But it does look a little bit like Hogwarts! I heard that you "borrowed" some of my coins from my car... We'll have a long chat when I get home. Ha ha! That is super cool about the people in India. I was reading in the Liahona and I might have read some of the same things that you heard about. It was from a few years ago, but it was still very inspiring.  Thirdborn, you are too young and way to skinny to be worrying about calories! I hope that you are doing good in school. Will you do me a favor, will you kick Secondborn into writing me some more emails. You would think with a computer that he would be writing me at least 3 times a week...

Love Magnet, I heard that you had a hard time at school this last week. This makes me sad. Will you be a good girl for your big brother? I will be going to a castle next week and want to take some fun pictures, but I cant if your not a good girl. There might be some fun things coming to you from me in the next few weeks, so make sure that you are a good girl OK. I love you!

 Hey Dad, thanks for doing my taxes. I was thinking about that the other day and wondered if you had remembered/were able to do them.  So thank you. That is so cool that Grandma and Grandpa were able to have a baptism.  We were finally able to teach someone from our English classes, and although they don't seem very interested in changing they listened and understood a little bit, so that is a beginning. You tell the H's that I am sorry their car broke and to enjoy the Passat. Hope you are all having a good week and here are some pictures of the castle on the hill.

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