Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 67

Dear Family, friends and blog stalkers,

I have to laugh every time some new missionary comes in and says "ya, I stalked your blog." Haha, its all good. I'm glad that someone reads it!

So this last week has been a really strange one. I would be lying if I said I wasn't angry when I left Bacau. I would be lying if I said I wasn't incredibly depressed, but I would also be lying if I didn't say that it all went away the minute I entered Timisoara. It was as if the Lord said "Ok, you've had your time to grieve. Now, I need you, go to work." Walking out of the gara, I felt what every kid feels on Christmas morning. Excitement and anticipation. I am here in Timisoara and ready to make the best of it. I am ready to see all my old investigators, to see if they are finally ready. I am ready to see the members (including one that we all thought would have passed away almost a year ago).

We have got a really good district here in Timisoara. Besides having the Hs back :) we have Elders M1, M2, S (you were so close on the spelling) and then Soras S and L. We have had a great time already and I know that we are going to get along really well this next transfer. 

We don't have dental appts, unless we have an emergency (I can tell you that the dentist isn't going to like that when I get back). Add to the fact that my eye sight has gotten worse in a year and a half makes me really excited to go see the doctors when I get back...

Tell Secondborn and Thirdborn to send me some pictures and to write me once in a while! Don't worry about making me homesick, it would take a lot more than that, trust me. 

Please pray for a friend of mine. Her mom just passed away and I know that it is really hard for her. I'm not going to include a name, cause I don't think she would like her name out and about. Just keep in mind Elder Ormsby's friend. 

Love you all and Ill talk to you soon,

Elder Ormsby

Thanks to the Senior Missionaries for the pics:

Happy to be back on the streets of Timisoara.
 With new companion, Elder S!
 And the beloved Maxi Taxi rides to Oredea for district conference.

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