Monday, February 17, 2014

Week 66

Dear Family,

Ok, that is not even fair. Telling me all these really good foods...oh well, at least I have M...oh wait....

Well, we didn't have any cupcake tins, so I tried to turn the [red velvet cake mix] into brownies and they were just soggy for some reason. The frosting was really gross looking too. Its weird, they definitely looked better last year, oh well. The cookies were great. I used them for my spiritual thought and did the "only a little bit of poop". You know, the one where I explain whats in the cookie and then have them eat it, but before they do I explain the "secret" ingredient. A tablespoon of dog poo for the whole batch. Its fine, cause it was cooked and there were a lot of cookies, so not much poo would be in them. It had the desired result, except from my comp, who tried to be smecher and "beat the system"...what a punk lol. We had a really poor turn out for English classes. Hopefully it will be better next transfer.

We aren't teaching anyone right now. One of our investigators went to Constanta for the winter and is coming back real soon. The others went out to Paris for some treatments and wont be back for 3 months. Kinda sad, but asa merge viata.

I have been trying to finish the Bible. Its a really  big part of peoples lives here (even if they don't read it) and so I wanted to better understand where they were coming from. It has been a rough journey, but I am finally in Ezekiel. I hope that I will finish the New Testament in a few months. It will be an easier read than Chronicles, that's for sure.

Romanians have 2 days that are like Valentines day. The actual day, Sfantul Valantin, and the 24th. I forget what that one is called, but its basically the same thing. Lots of commercial stuff.

So, I have literally had my heart ripped apart this last week.  Transfer boards came out. I am going to my home city of Timisoara.  I wanted to stay here so bad, to be with the people that I love The people here are just so amazing. I cant explain why Bacau is one of the greatest cities in Romania, it just is. I have four new sisters here and one of my best friends. The B family were investigators 14 years ago. Two days before they were set to be baptized, they were found amazing jobs and a decent place to stay. God has blessed them so much in the last little while. They have become so close to me, all in 6 weeks.  Its just been a great transfer. I would do almost anything to stay here. I will come back at one point. I kept that promise to the Timi members, it will happen to Bacau too.

Stay pretty,

Elder Ormsby

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  1. Just talked to Elder O. Missed his call on Saturday. I know he is sad to leave Bacau. He's having dinner tonight with his family and has talked himself into thinking it will be alright to be back in Timi. Sorry that he's sad - but we're DELIGHTED that he's coming "home". These kids are going to have so many "homes".