Monday, October 14, 2013

Week 48

So I was going to stay and extra transfer, which means I wouldn't have left the office till January. President and I had a talk, however, and after a few questions he decided that it would be better for me to leave the office a transfer early. I just wasn't a happy camper in there. The first day that I got out was the best/worst. I was sad to leave the office, but so happy to leave. I am starting up the Aviatiei district in North Buc as the District Leader. I was/am with Elder E, but he will be leaving for Iasi and I will be with Elder P until October 31, then Elder P will become the new office elder and I wont have a companion...I'm thinking about getting a solo tag, like in the MTC. President said a virtual companion would do haha.

The first few days were rough, trying to get back in the missionary mood. But I have loved it so much! It feels good to be talking to people, even if they reject you. Those first few times trying to stop people and having the finger wiggle or being straight up ignored, LOVE IT! Seriously. I am so happy to be out. We still live with the office elders, and I am training them this transfer, so we will see what happens next. We went out chalk contacting with the Panduri sisters, my first time, and it was so strange to be talking to people I didn't have to once again. Eventually I met this really cool couple who knew quite a bit about the LDS church and what we stood for. They told us it was a beautiful religion and they had high respect from it. Due to my gresit I didn't get their number, but they have a card. Hopefully we can run into them again.

We were on the metro and had our CLM (Cartea lui Mormon) out where people could see them (President made a big push for all the missionaries to do this). We were speaking in English and a guy across the metro says "they speak in English, but carry a Romanian book...why?" I turned and said "Cause we speak Romanian...sort of." haha his friends ribbed him a bit before I asked him where he was from and why he was in Buc. We didn't get to anything about religion, but it was cool to see that people really do see us. Sometimes it seems like they go out of their way to ignore us. 

Finally, we were out last night trying to place a few CLMs. We knocked into this guy and he showed us a copy of the Book of Mormon that he received in 1977. It has sat on his shelf for a long time. We gave him a new one and then he surprised us by telling us some of the things that he knows about us. He has a ton of respect for the way that the church does things. He loves how service oriented we are. He is going to come to church this Sunday and we are going to try and meet up with him beforehand.

The beach house sounds great! I am super jealous seeing all the fun stuff that you did. It would be really fun to go to the beach with the whole B family.

Love you all,

Elder Ormsby

P.S. I am so happy, 10/10 easily!

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