Monday, July 15, 2013

Week 35

The 20 year celebration here in Bucuresti was awesome. It was really cool to see all the different mission presidents bearing testimony on Romania, and then also being able to see the growth that has happened since them. I will never forget how old the Romania mission is because its only a few months younger than me. 

It was great to see the F's (they came down for the celebration) and to talk to them. They will be leaving Deva soon to move to Ploiesti. This will be a great move for them as they will be closer to Bucuresti and also be around a much larger group of people who all love them and share their beliefs. It is sad for Deva though, not really sure what will happen there with them gone. 

Right after we sang at the 20th anniversary celebration, Elder P and I had to leave to have a skype lesson. We didn't get to see the whole celebration, which is sad because I heard that there was some sweet performances. Did you see the member who played the cello? Man, that performance was so good, and then with Sora Ewell. We have some incredibly talented people here in Romania. 

The hamburgers that we made were half pork-half "beef". It is unknown what "beef" is here sometimes, but this time it had a lot less bones/cartilage and they were really tasty, so maybe it was really beef. Besides, horse cant hurt you all that much (haha i really hope that some newly called missionary is reading this part (the food here is great, I promise!)). 

We were going to go paint balling today in a wooded area here in Buc. It would have been really cool, but people opted out till next week (when we probably cant go because of transfer stuff) but both Elder P and myself were reminded of camping, so i am very jealous of Dad and Secondborn. It sure sound like you all had a lot of fun up there. 

It is so great to hear that the ward (almost wrote "branch") is engaging in missionary work. I was thinking back to when I was home and couldnt remember ever hearing about the missionary work. I am very excited for the work to really push forward, especially seeing members step up to the plate. I think it was Elder Bednar...maybe, I forget, but an Apostle said that it is not the missionaries job to find people, it is the members of the ward/branch. How much more effective this work would be if we didn't have to talk to 10000 people before we found the one who wanted to talk to us. One of my past companions put it this way "we can knock on every block, talk to every person on the street and maybe find 1/1000 people who wanted to hear what we say, OR lets say a member or investigator has 100 friends and helps us to talk to them all. 1 of those people wants to hear our message. Then the process begins again with their 100 friends." The theory is sound, but it needs the members, as well as the missionaries, to work. 

Our skype lessons have been going great. The people from Austria seem a little bit distracted, but have brought a friend or two to the lessons where they couldn't really be in front of the screen (that was fun!). Our investigator from Czech came down to Pitesti and went to church there with his wife and family. From what it sounds like, they love it and want to be baptized. Our investigator said that he would be baptized if his family would join him, but our missionaries in Pitesti feel like he still has reserves, so we will try and help him out with that when he gets back to the Czech Republic. We also just got a new investigator in the Oslo Norway mission. The sisters there are super cool and found this great guy. He is very spiritual and can really understand all that has been said. He is pretty funny, the sisters had to use a lot of hand gestures and what not with pliants...booklets? (whats the word), and they thought that he didn't get all that they were saying. But when we talked to them, he had it all down. We hope that he progresses really quickly. I made the joke to Sora Hill that we had gotten voie to fly out to Austria, Czech and Norway to baptize them if they decided to do so, apparently that's not going to happen ;). So that's life. Keep praying for me, i have been hitting some rough patches and need to find my feet again, but I've put some goals into action again, so I know I can do it.

Love you all and hope you are "surviving" without me,

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