Monday, June 10, 2013

Week 30

That is a really cool story mom. It is always so interesting to me to see the different ways that God shows us that he cares. Sometimes it is in ways that we cant understand in the moment and others we can definitely tell. Other times it is not always the way that we were expecting/wanting, but it is always the best for us in the long run. 

Unfortunately I will not be picking them [the new missionaries] up from the airport (that will be tomorrow), but I will deal with all their paperwork for visas and health appointments. 

This transfer is going to be crazy. There will be 13 new missionaries coming in on Tuesday. Usually we would have them go to the doctor that evening during or after interviews and then send them off to meet their trainers. But this time we have some trouble. The doctor's office couldn't handle 13 people at once and so we have to wait till Thursday. This is a big headache for everyone because transfers are Wednesday. This means 26 additional missionaries that need to stay in buc (minus 8 cause they will serve in buc) that don't need to be here. We also have a small window of time. The visa office is open from 830-2. Our appointments start at 10. The offices aren't close to each other. Its gonna cause a big headache, but I think most of them will live through it. 

Mostly my life is that of an office worker. Lots of little things to get done, but those little things are what make the mission run a little smoother. It will be a lot of good experience. I will be here for the next six months, so I better learn something from all of that.

Elder Ormsby

(Note from Mom:  We've read from other missionaries blogs that the sweet sister on the left feeds the missionaries in this district every Sunday.  I've never seen a picture of her dinners with this many attendees, so this might be a special occassion/  Huge thanks to this kind woman for hosting my son.  Finding Elder Ormsby in this picture is a bit like finding Where's Waldo.  Thanks to Sora P from whose blog I copied this pic.)


  1. Elder Ormsby! What are you telling the missionaries about me??? :)) Email me! Stefan Vizante

  2. Hello Ormsby Family. Thank you so much for this blog. I found it while looking for the mission home address. One of our missionaries is Elder Cloward, who would have been in the group of new missionaries that arrived last Tuesday. We are glad for any news of the mission.