Sunday, June 2, 2013

Week 29

FINALLY!! School is over...phew, now we can all take a break haha! That is really cool that your manager's daughter is doing that. Are you paying her? It kinda sounds like what I used to do. Why hasn't Thirdborn been doing our Companionship Study? I hope he has a great time at Camp M. I don't know if I remember the P's, but that is really cool. 

I can't believe that {your friend] found Sora Ormsby! It is so crazy how we are put into each others paths.

{Love Magnet] I cant wait for that letter. It will make me really happy.  Did you save me some frozen yogurt?

Not a lot of chance to get out and contact people. Even though there isn't a lot to do, we usually need to be in the office "just in case". But we do teach a family in Austria and another guy in the Czech. Hopefully they continue to progress and work towards baptism. The Czech guy says that he is willing to be baptized, but will wait till winter when he comes back to Romania for something or other. That will be cool, but at the same time it is time that he could be progressing further. 

It doesn't surprise me that Thirdborn would play in 40 degree water. I remember when you came back from Oregon and they played in the water there. Who is L dating? Is it that girl H or something. Well good for him anyhow. Although, people just need to stop their lives for the next little while. They can continue in November...of next year.

Transfers are coming up and I am ecstatic. It sounds like it will be a lot of work (praise) and a lot of craziness. I learned how to drive stick the other day. I can get from point A to point B without stalling (only stalled once) and no lurches (haha remember when I used to gel my hair down and mom said I looked like Lurch, ah good times). So it will be super fun picking up all the boboci.

Sorry, I will have to get you your pictures tomorrow. We will be at the church tonight for some P-day activities, but until then no pics. Our apartment is basically our car and the office. We only use the apartment for sleeping and holding our clothes (which there is no room for mine at the moment so they are still in the suitcases).

Love you all,

Elder Ormsby

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