Monday, February 11, 2013

Week 13 with pictures

ok so unfortunately sending those pictures took a long time so here is a generic I'm fine email. I'm sorry it will be very short, but I just want you to know that I love you and you are all amazing. Thank you for the package it will be very helpful. You said you are sending another package, which is awesome!!! Thank you so much. Um well here is the wish list and it will probably be over 4lbs. but a crock pot would make the world turn upside down. We have tried so hard to find one here and it has been a no go so far. It would make dinners and everything else so much easier. I love you again and thank you for the letters in my package. I will try and send another email during the week.

One last goodbye with the MTC district and teachers.
Uh, Elder P, does that thing have a Mormon Tabernacle Choir channel?
 International traveling is exhausting!

 Gorgeous sunrise in Timisoara

 The changing of the water filter. 

Bowling with the Soras and (he didn't say if investigators or members).

 In Romania, guests are offered slippers when they come into a home in order to keep their feet warm.
 Investigator at an activity.  (English class?  Elder O didn't say.)
 R created a birthday picture and gave chocolate to Elder O for his birthday.
 A Baptist church in Romania.  Beautiful!
 Early morning from Elder O's apartment window.

another investigator with Elder O and Elder H.
The district including the senior missionaries (taken from the senior missionaries' blog).

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