Friday, May 17, 2013

Week 26

(MOM):  Please send pictures!  We want to see the castle you visited last week.

(ELDER ORMSBY):  Here are some pictures of my life here in Romania. 

(MOM):  Only one picture of a mannequin in jail?  Did something happen to your camera?

(ELDER ORMSBY):  No, the rest are really uhhhh grotesque and I decided to save them for later.

(MOM):  What about non-gross pictures of you and castles or just you?  You promised pics and only sent one.  Did we miss something?

Note from Mom:  No more emails after that until next week.  Hopefully Elder Ormsby will send some pictures  next Monday.  He doesn't seem to comprehend that we would greatly enjoy pictures of him more than, um......, this.  At least we know he still has his sense of humor.

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