Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Week 1

Buna Ziua meu Familiile,
Oh man it has been good to hear from you guys. I am going to be sending you some letters soon to give to other people and also for you guys, but we had some time to write emails so here you go. I know I already sent you a letter kind of giving the rundown about the last week, but I was sick and not really all into writing a letter, so here are a few more details.
I have two companions, Elder P and Elder W. Both are great guys. Elder P is the kind of guy who is very into sports, and we quote movies all the time. Elder W is the most optimistic guy, and you think that would get annoying, but it doesnt... anyways he is the kind of guy who seems all innocent, but has a very crafty side. He likes to steal food from people without them looking and he is great with computers. As in can read and understand code. He is from Colorado, while Elder P is from Sandy. We also have three Surori (Sisters). Sora P is from Rigby, ID and is awesome. Sora G and Sora K are both from Jersey and even knew each other before coming here to the MTC. Our Teachers Fretelle V is from Romania, so that is kinda good to hear how fast they will be speaking, and also slightly discouraging. Oh well, Sora W is from Australia and went to Romania on her mission.
We have been teaching a investigator in Romanian and it has been a crazy ride. Attempting to understand his needs and then being able to say what we feel was ridiculous. ah, but we got him to commit to BAPTISM.
We have been here for only 1 week, but it feels like forever. We are the only foreign speakers on our floor where we sleep. The rest are going to California, Australia or New Zealand <! Super cool, but they are crazy and they've only been here for 2 weeks, we are going to be here for 9. No comments needed there.
As I said before, I was sick and lost some weight. The food here is not good, mom. I miss your cooking. I'm always telling my district how, "when we get into the field I'll show you a real roast". Ah man, well, I'll be writing your individual messages soon, but until then I love you all and I miss you all and I cant wait to here from you all. Oh and tell everyone to use Dear Elder.
By the way, when you get a chance, could you send me like 5 more ties, fingernail clippers, shoeshine kit, a few notebooks and some food packages...I love you and miss you all again.

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