Friday, November 23, 2012

Handwritten Letter Home

(letter sent 11/20/2012, received 11/23/2012.  This was written and sent before the first email home)

Draga Mama si Tata,

This has been one crazy week. We didn't get a P-day this week so I had to write you during language study.  I don't really know what to tell you.  The MTC is the MTC.  Oh, I was sick on the second (first full) day.  I am still a little sick, but I am much better.  I have always wondered why, when Elders write, they are always happy/spirity (I know it's not a word, Mom).  But I understand now.  I have been so blessed with the spirit.

Romanian is really hard, but I have seen the Gift of Tongues in myself & my fellow Romanians.  Oh, I have two Elder's - a trio.  Elder P from Utah and Elder W from Colorado.  They are both amazing Elders.  We have been teaching an investigator in Romanian & I think the Spirit has almost gotten him to commit to baptism.  It has been amazing.  As we open ourselves to the Spirit we understand his needs.

De asemenea, noi aven tre surori who are amazing (translation via Google Translate:  Also, we have three sisters....).  they have such an amazing spirit.  We, Elder P and I, gave a blessing of comfort to one of them today.  I gave it, and I knew exactly what to say.  Oh man it was.....just whoa.

Anyways, I miss you all.  Tell everyone to write me using Dear Elder because it's free and send me a package of goodies sometime soon.  Love you all and I miss you all.  SEND ME A PHOTO ALBUM!!  Mei surori vor a vedea Love Magnet.  (translation via Google Translate:  My sisters want to see The Love Magnet).


Elder Ormsby

(note from Mom:  The album has been ordered from the printers and will arrive next week.)

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