Monday, October 6, 2014

Week 99

Dear Family,

I was making a joke the other day that Mom had a paper chain for when I come home. Imagine my surprise when I got onto internet today and read that she has a facebook countdown haha! It goes slower if you do that, Mom. I usually don't even look at what day it is. That way Im not trunky and I don't worry about the time slipping. 

Conference!!!! It was really good. I watched the first session and priesthood in Romanian, but then I decided to watch sat evening and sun morning in English. The signal kept cutting out, so we are going to watch all of the sessions on another day to get what we missed. The talks were really good! Conference as a missionary is super cool!

We don't have any investigators right now. We have been trying to meet with one of the investigators from Alexandria, but he never shows up. Sometimes that is the life of a missionary, though. We also talk with this really cool guy, J, from Nigeria everytime we head to the metro. He is very down to earth and humble. We are constantly trying to meet with him, but he works from 7-6 and has school after that. We usually just talk with him for a bit each day and encourage him to read from the Book of Mormon (Elder C gave J a copy the third time we talked with him). We also had two english students come to the first session of conference. They had never before met with the missioaries, but really liked the spiritual thought we put on. When we asked what they thought, they said it was different, but said in the name of Jesus. We still are unsure of how they took it. If I wasn't a member, I would probably think it was really different too. 

Sorry I haven't sent any pictures lately. My camera lense won't open up. I am going to take it in this week and see how much it will cost to fix it. Shouldn't be to hard.

Love you all, and Ill see you soon!

Elder Ormsby

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